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Atmospheric post hardcore act HAUNA reform; premiere new song

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Almost 2 years since our introductory feature in Septembeere 2016, Wien based gloomy hardcore experimentalists HAUNA are back with a new EP called “Leave me Behind”, and we have a new gritty track called “DIE” streaming for you below! Check it out and stay tuned for the full digital release on June 1st and tape version through Hardcore for the Losers, Iltis Records and No Firecrackers, Please.

The new effort was recorded with Zock from ASTPAI and PETROL GIRLS at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio in Graz, Austria and explores different, less experimental, and definitely better produced, richer sounds and vibes than we’ve heard from the Austrian act. In their case, less exploratory means no less of an emotional minefield and it’s somewhat nice that without taking a step too far, they have managed to craft their most fully realized work so far. HAUNA have evolved into a trio and the following single is their first new offering with the new line-up. Listen and see their official word below.

Do we really want to be another three dudes on stage in a male-dominated scene? This is the question that we, Florin and Dmitrij at that time, were facing early last year. After having released an EP in 2016 and playing multiple shows in Austria, we realized that we lacked a bass in HAUNA. We had people we could have asked but decided against it, realizing that, sadly, most of the bassists we knew were men and we didn’t want to further push such a skewed gender ratio at hardcore shows.

Luckily enough, around that time we got to know Julia who has joined the band since then as HAUNA‘s bassist. This has been the best thing that could have possibly happened to HAUNA – playing together, writing music the three of us, sharing the experiences that we had has been an invaluable process and there couldn’t be any better person than Julia to do it with, regardless of gender.

Right away, the sound of the band took a bit of a turn and we started to write more ‘focused’ tracks while still trying to maintain a dark, harsh feel. DIE was the first song we wrote as a three-piece and it encapsulates how we’ve been working this past year and the way we’ve evolved. The song-writing process was inspiringly organic, everyone of us introduced their own ideas to the song, and in the end it turned out to be the perfect dynamic opener to our upcoming EP.

Here’s what Florin has to say about the lyrical themes on the record:

DIE and pretty much all of the other songs on the record are about fears and anxities I’ve been struggling with during the last few years. This song especially means a lot to me because I wrote the lyrics during a hypochondriac phase in my life when I really thought I will die soon. This song helped me see things in a more rational way.

Every track describes a different dark period in life and when you read the lyrics and hear the songs you might easily get depressed. But it also has a very positive outcome: Playing these songs is our catharsis. Especially in the last song and title track you will hear and feel it: It’s sometimes good when someone or something is leaving you, because it means you can get better afterwards.

Cover art by Eon.Noir Photography

HAUNA cover

HAUNA live dates:

May 13 Venster99, Vienna w/ Portrayal of Guilt
June 20 Triebwerk, Wr. Neustadt w/ Tengil & Nionde Plågan
June 21 Kramladen, Vienna w/ Tengil & Nionde Plågan
June 28 Wakuum, Graz w/ Dregs & Atavistic Traits
June 29 TBA
June 30 Anna96, Salzburg w/ Xindl

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