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Berlin extreme metal / mathcore trio KAVA HU discuss shattering new album “Carnivore”

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Drawing inspiration from influential pioneers of extreme music, such as Meshuggah and Ion Dissonance, Kava Hu presents a formidable debut album, “Carnivore,” comprising eight tracks of overpowering mathcore and progressive, extreme metal.

The band harnesses the power of 8-string guitars, employs dissonant riffs, pitch shifters, and carefully crafted melodic elements, while also delivering crushing yet atmospheric breakdowns, thereby satisfying the discerning tastes of aficionados of intricate and heavy underground music.

Today we’re stoke to give you its first hearing, along with the band’s special track by track commentary below!

Formed in 2008 by the Cuculic brothers in Barcelona, the band has been mixing many styles of modern metal without leaving technique and aggression aside. Now in Berlin and after playing in German cities like Stuttgart, Hamburg among others, and being part of festivals like “Mosh gegen Krebs,” the band is ready to continue their way in the European metal scene.

Kava Hu lineup consists of Cezz Cuculic on guitars, Matt Cuculic on drums, and Leon Bochow on vocals.


Heavily influenced by modern horror film soundtracks such as “A Quiet Place”, “Insidious”, “The conjuring” or “Halloween (2018), Matt Cuculic (Drummer/Producer) delivers an intro, full of technique on strings instruments, chopped electronic beats and chilly atmospheres, teasing a bit of the darkness found in the following rest of the album


is a declaration of a state of suffocation and weariness of living in this world. Instrumentally thunderous at the beginning, clean guitars become dirty just before the apocalyptic breakdown. All accompanied by synthesizers create a futuristic but also contemporary atmosphere.

Beast Within Human

Our fanaticism for bands like Ion Dissonance, Car Bomb or Frontierer made us write something like this but giving it our own crossover and character.

After we finished writing it we thought how awesome it would be to have some of those singers in the song. And since we had played in 3 cities in Germany with Frontierer in 2018, we wrote to Chad and waited for our dream to come true. As we already realized on that tour with them the quality of person that everyone in Frontierer is, the humility and the good treatment they gave us, we were not surprised that Chad accepted and gave us such a performance. We are very happy to have him on our album.


Puppet Theater

Musically speaking and with the heaviest, slowest and darkest riff, this song catches from the beginning with a simple but powerful riff, following the formula of the whole album, finish a riff and start a new one, without repeating the previous one.

Against Every Soul

The sonic work represents inner strength, the power to keep breathing in dark situations, using the anger and boredom of the moment to resurface with courage and overcoming the fear that paralyzes.

It can be an illegal immigrant, an artist in their hell or a social outcast. Everything is valid as an interpretation and so are the Riffs: Unstoppable, Precise, without repetition.

Human Machine

Just as the name says, a song from the future. With modern sounds, odd-time signatures and a tempo that stays that way, neither fast nor slow. Pure strength without rest

Natural Selection

In keeping with the song’s harsh and deceptive riffs, it is about the extinction of the human race.

The lyrics refer to all those catastrophes happening on our planet that are man-made and not nature-made. It also speaks to the problem of us humans, who know that we are bringing the world as we know it to an end, but choose to close our eyes and not actively work against its decline.


The last one, the one that gives the album its name. What would happen if the roles were reversed? If the animal reveals itself to the human animal and takes power?

Death Metal, vocals ripped in clean diminished arpeggios reminiscent of Alice in Chains, to end the album as it began: with a new and last riff full of groove and aggression.

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