Boston’s CONFINES stream new songs

Boston’s CONFINES (featuring members of CUT THE SHIT, BLANK STARE, SOCIAL CIRCKLE and more) are streaming songs from their new EP entitled “Some Sick Joke“.

The band commented:

Confines return picking up where 2010’s Withdrawn left off. Some Sick Joke delivers three songs of raw, ugly hardcore, including the title track—a grueling critique of the state of war we live in and our best efforts to turn a blind eye. Channeling the Crass Records ethos through an early SST filter, Some Sick Joke is a pummeling and relentless American hardcore statement.

Forty copies on CLEAR vinyl available for direct mailorder from each label. 1 per person, multiple orders will be substituted black.

A split release between Labor of Love and Side Two Records.

First press of 600 on black and on 100 on clear. Packaged in dual gluepocket sleeves on felt paper.

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