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Canadian screamo label Zegema Beach Records releases the 9th edition of its glorious sampler series “Zampler”

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The community of DIY artists and musicians that have sprung up around Canadian label Zegema Beach Records is constantly evolving and growing together through partnership and many many DIY ventures. We once again join the ride to let you know about the newest edition of the label’s Zampler compilation called “You Don’t Approve? Well, Too Bad”, featuring 32 tracks (11 previously unreleased) from 32 bands worth checking out, including many IDIOTEQ featured artists like TRACHIMBROD, EYELET, NIONDE PLAGAN, NOUS ETIONS, COMMUOVERE, UNDER A SKY SO BLUE, MAJOREL, THE WORLD THAT SUMMER, LESSENER, LAMANTIDE, and VIA FONDO. This compilation is an inspirational guide to the international screamo / emotive and gloomy hardcore scene by those who are deep in it.

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