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CASTEFORM – “Introspection” video

LA post hardcore / melodic hardcore band CASTEFORM (featured on IDIOTEQ in late 2014) have debuted a new free track and a video called “Introspection”, off of their upcoming split with Mexican band NEVADO, to be released soon on Open Door Records!

I tried collecting my thoughts as they come in pairs
An overwhelming feeling followed by emptiness,
As im searching for the signs between intersections in my mind,
I trace back to questions left behind
That led me to a line between certainty and confusion

When I can’t tell the difference between
When I can’t see the difference it seems

What holds me together
What breaks me down

What pulls me under
What keeps me alive
This are the thoughts that keep me up every night
And I can’t help but be consumed by this
My thoughts derail and collide with insecurities,
Like crooked teeth I lose my place, as it all takes over me

Catch the band live at:

7/26 – Pomona, CA
7/28 – Wildomar, CA
7/29 – Phoenix, AZ
7/30 – Flagstaff, AZ
7/31 – Shiprock, NM
8/01 – Las Vegas, NV

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