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Cleveland hardcore band HIGHWAY SNIPER share inspirations and top influential albums for their uncompromising, honest sound

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Fresh off the release of their new EP on Smartpunk Records, politically driven hardcore punks HIGHWAY SNIPER check in to our pages to give us their top inspirations and influences behind the ripping 7 tracks on “The Great Satan”, reminiscent of crust legends like Tragedy or From Ashes Rise.

Highway Sniper is the brainchild of George Lucarelli, a bizarre individual from the Cleveland area who has a particular talent for writing and recording songs from many corners of the aggressive music spectrum.

Since the earliest Highway Sniper material was reminiscent of stadium crust acts such as Tragedy or From Ashes Rise, vocalist/lyricist Skylar Sarkis employed politically charged and nihilistic lyrics.

⚫ Top 5 most influential albums/bands that inspired Highway Sniper on The Great Satan, by drummer George:

“Here’s 5 album I took inspiration from when it came to writing new songs for the band. I feel like I was able to channel my influence from each record while still creating our own sound.

Brad Boatright of From Ashes Rise mastered the songs which was an cool way to put the final touches on the release with someone who was a big influence on it.”

1. From Ashes Rise – Nightmares

2. Tragedy – vengeance

3. Fall of Efrafa – Owsla

4. His Hero is gone – The Plot Sickens

5. Last Lights – no past no present no future

⚫ Top most influential musicians for Highway Sniper

“I think I pull a lot of influences from bands as whole, aside from the bands listed above I really enjoy the guitar work of Jade Puget from AFI.” – adds George.

“His ability to create layers within his playing while being the only guitar player in the band is very inspiring to me and has helped me think outside of the box when it comes to writing new parts.”

⚫ Top 5 songs on Highway Sniper’s radar

“Some random songs I’ve been really into according to my Spotify”, says George.

1. Daughters – Guest House

2. MS Paint – Flush

3. Devil in disguise – End Game

4. Waste – Ingrown

5. Blunt Cough – snuffed on site he

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