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Connecticut hardcore / metalcore band RAKEFIRE comment on new EP, ingenious 2020 LP, local scene, and more

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Darkness falls over you folks today as Stamford, Connecticut based RAKEFIRE are joining us here to introduce their sick new EP ” Existing & Resisting”, recall their slab of evil, wicked, groovy metallized hardcore shared through their 2020 album “Pushing up Daisies”, and give you their new music video for new song “Resisting“. To celebrate, we have teamed up to give you their first-hand insights about their project, share their commentary on RAKEFIRE’s lyrical content, their perspective on CT music community, as well as some other bands worth checking out.

RAKEFIRE’s first full length “Pushing up Daisies” is an album of many metal and hardcore influences and one to keep any listener occupied. The band draws its inspirations from bands like Kublai Khan TX, Drain, Turnstile, Incendiary, fuming mouth, and The Beautiful ones.

The band’s brand new EP “Existing & Resisting” was a big push for RAKEFIRE to record during the peak of the pandemic. “We had only a few concepts in mind for songwriting and album themes, so we recorded in a blind rage which gave us a very raw and energetic feel.” – says the band.

“We are uncertain for the future of Rakefire past this release as this will be our second release during the pandemic with no touring or shows underneath it.”

Recorded and produced by engineer Ryan Harvey (I AM, Kublai Khan TX).

Rakefire is Patrick Foti, Luis Albir, Gio Gomez, and Maiko Newell.

Rakefire started in Stamford, Connecticut in May of 2019 and has since then released an EP, a single and a full length. The band’s brand new EP “Existing & Resisting” a blend of existentialism and a look into the struggles related to life and coming to terms with the reality of those faced by people who have been marginalized and abused by people in power.

Here’s Maiko on his lyrical content and insight: “I’ve remained pretty vague in a lot of my younger years of writing. With Rakefire I’ve tried to stay real and ‘in your face’ with my writing as Hardcore music should be. The second track “existing” is simple as far as lyric content goes, it’s just straight-up speaking as a realist.”

“The third track Ampersand is a mixture of lyrics I wrote about suicide and depression as a teen versus lyrics I wrote now on the same subject. The last track Resisting is an expression of my views on society and struggles as being someone who was born into poverty. We then all switch instruments leaving Luis and Gio to express their feelings as minorities in society which ends the EP on a very intense but very real note.”

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RAKEFIRE by Brien Adams
RAKEFIRE by Brien Adams

Asked about the Connecticut local scene, Luis Albir says that “As far as the Hardcore scene is concerned, I think is sorely missing shows, and once we can run at full capacity the fans of the genre will explode like a spring that’s been put under constant tension. It’s going to be cathartic to see everyone let loose after one of the worst periods in history. I’m looking forward to it!”.

“I love Hardcore music but not being a native to Connecticut I’ve always ignored this state when it comes to gigging primarily based on the terrible drivers and lack of venues for hardcore music. In the later years of me living here, I’ve been seeing a lot more new venues popping up for artists like us. I think the future of hardcore is very bright for Connecticut if we can make it through the pandemic.

“With 2020 in the rear view, we wanted to start off the new year with something a little different.”, adds Gio.

RAKEFIRE by Brien Adams
RAKEFIRE by Brien Adams

Other Bands worth checking out:

Luis: “I recommend Boundaries they are another CT band who came out with one of my favorite albums of 2020 (aside from our own), There also Street Soldier from the UK (Big Beatdown Energy)

Our friends Tooth Rat from Georgia (The state), and Maintenance from Yonkers, NY”.

Maiko: Listen to Chaver from Leipzig, Germany, Lotus Eater from Glasgow, UK, and Slope from Duisburg, Germany. I feel as Americans we are constantly pushing to find the hottest bands on our own doorstep meanwhile the rest of the world is appreciating Hardcore across the globe.

Pat: Radiate from NYC they practice in our hometown and released an EP last year. Better Off is also sick, the guitarist is from one of my favorite bands As cities Burn.

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