Dan Rose by Line Svindt
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“Copenhagen Eats Itself” – indie singer-songwriter Dan Rose premiere new acoustic single, listen!

Dan Rose by Line Svindt
Dressed in adamant guitar chords and mature strings, Copenhagen Eats Itself is the first offering from the upcoming EP ‘Where the Line is Drawn’ from Odense, Denmark based singer-songwriter Dan Rose. Slated for an October release via Lady Lux Records, the rleease comes as a fine mixture of classic folk and indie acoustic rock with some gritty edge that provides a wealth of energy, without losing its mood. Today, we’re giving you its first stream, along with Dan’s special commentary on his work, as well as COVID-19 pandemic, and other recommended artists worth a check. See the full feature below.

Comments Dan Rose: “I’ve lived in Odense my whole life and I damn well never felt like I had to move to Copenhagen or something to do something with music. No, I’m well aware that I haven’t become Ed Sheeran or sometging, thank God, but at least I haven’t left my roots to move to the big city and kid myself that I’m some kind of hot shot without being more or less than anybody else. That kind of bullshit I’ve thankfully sterered clear off”.

The remaining songs on the upcoming EP revolves around addiction, climate change, the end of the world and other manmade evils. Dan Rose continues: “As long as a nice profit basically is the main decider for how the world is run, then.. Well then I guess I’m not going to stop writing these kinds of songs for quite some time. I love it when people stand for something and fight for what they believe in, but honestly there should’t be THIS much to fight against”.

“The song was written and recorded in my rehearsal space. I share a wall with some pretty loud bands, so I have to record very late at night or early morning. My wife actually got her very first official recording credit; she plays a single hit on the triangle for the ending.

I sent the files to a buddy of mine whose band I once gigged with. Nowadays he runs his own studio, so I asked him to try and make a mix of the song. After a few tries, he nailed it. He did so well that I asked him to mix a few other songs as well, and he nailed those in the first try. I think we just had to get to know each other in a new way, to understand what we were doing.

This song and the whole upcoming EP is being put out by the very small label Lady Lux Records, who is also working with another brilliant upcoming acoustic-emo-rock act from Denmark; Nominated Decade. We hope and plan to tour together.”


Dan Rose by Henrik Hoffmann

Dan Rose by Henrik Hoffmann

Dan Rose spent the 00’s being a lousy bassist and a shy dreamer. In 2014 he emerged with his first solo EP and hasn’t looked back since. Embracing the DIY spirit in a big way and redefining the word ‘success’, he found that rock’n’roll comes in many shapes and forms. Another EP, a sustainably released debut album, 100+ gigs in 10+ countries and a lot of experiences later, the darker and more confrontational EP ‘Where The Line Is Drawn’, shows a side of Dan Rose’s songs that previously was mainly heard at live gigs where anything could happen.

Comments Dan: “There’s some anger and disappointment, that I feel connect with a lot of people.

Thanks to Covid19, touring across continents will have to wait, but that is certainly on the horizon (bookers, get in touch!) At the moment and for the foreseeable future, it’s all about corona-friendly gigs in close travel distance and working on achieving some specific goals. Last year I played at Iceland Airwaves which was a big dream come true. I have more dreams of that nature and I’m gonna work my hardest to make them happen.”

Catch Dan on a string of his confirmed local shows in Denmark:

4/7 Grindsted
18/7 Frederikssund
31/7 Espergærde
1/8 Viborg
21/8 Køge
4/9 Aarhus Festuge
12/9 House Of Noise Festival
15/9 Skive Sangskriver Festival
23/10 Horsens
28/10 Copenhagen

Copenhagen Eats Itselfartwork

More thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic:

“Covid19 is still a serious threat and I am doing my best to follow all protocols in order to fight it. I was supposed to be in LA in the Spring to write and record songs, and meet some very interesting people. That’ll have to be another time. Even my rehearsal space was locked down. Thankfully I had just finished recording my EP when everything shut down, so I didn’t have to wait to get it finished. I think the whole thing is damn scary and maybe it’s even scarier that most people, myself included, just want to get back to “normal” with proper live gigs and everything – while there is a real chance that something even worse might be on the way.”

Dan Rose by Stine Rosemunte

Dan Rose by Stine Rosemunte

Other artists worth your time:

“These days I’m pretty excited about the Danish caveman-metal band Owl King, alternative noise pop/rock band Sore and the punk band Power Regression. I’m also really eager to hear the debut album by the good spirits in the punkband Pissed (PSD), which is rumored to be on the way. I have toured extensively with emo-punk-poppers Halcyon Hope and they have been working on new stuff for ages, let’s hear it goddammit!!!”

EXTRA: A curated, eclectic playlist of current music from Dan Rose’s hometown Odense on Spotify:

“Copenhagen Eats Itself” – indie singer-songwriter Dan Rose premiere new acoustic single, listen!
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