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Norwegian crust hardcore band FORRÆDERI break down their new record track-by-track

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We’re extremely excited to expand our cooperation with Norwegian DIY metallic crust / d-beat hardcore band FORRÆDERI and D-Beat Hjerte Records and give you an exclusive track-be-track feature for their new 12” record! The Trondheim based band decided to exhibit even more range dynamics keep us engaged by blending many ideas with some being familiar to a lot of people while still keep their approach original. Personal, political or otherwise, this effort brings thunders. be sure to launch it below and scroll down to learn the details behind these powerful tracks.

A monument to misery:

Chris: Well well, the title track of the album. The title in it self was probably the first idea I had for the whole record, based on something completely else (more about that later). Originally the tune was meant as a comment to the Palestina/Israel conflict, but when the lyrics actually started to flow it evolved more into a general critic on human kind. Our memory seems to be pretty fucking lackluster since we continue repeating the same conflicts and mistakes every 50 to 100 or so years.

Ted: we never seem to learn from history even though we get force feed with it from a young age through school and until we are adults. the same mistakes are made over and over because politicians that are elected are expert manipulators due to studying body language, linguistics, and the more funded they are by big corporations that own the media they get more screen time, and thus reach out to more people to manipulate.

Chris: The tune was one of those fast ones to form and most of it was more or less done in a rehearsal or two.


Chris: A very much HHIG inspired tune and was probably the first tune I wrote for this record. I hope we get away with the apparent influences due to the black metal parts! The lyrics are about the crushing weight that comes with taking part in society. The anxiety that so many of us feel in grown up life. You know, the bills, the jobs, the machine like everyday that crushes every dream you ever had as a child ?

Ted: The tune gradually becomes more dark and blackmetalish to reflect the increasing anxiety and despair that is felt over the course of all the responsibilities that keeps piling up.

Chris: Haha, yeah. Its that kind of tune. I guess the Norwegian lyrics add to that feel as well.

Social Isolation:

Chris: Probably the fastest tune on the record. I recall having some trouble tracking some of the guitars since Tomas really punched the gas on the last parts.
A kind of different take on much of the same principles as “drukner”, but focuses more on the way todays society makes us ill. We`ve never been more connected, but still we`ve never been more alone. Instead of changing society we “fix” the ones who are unable to adapt to its pace by medicating them. Im all for medication when it is needed, but the amount of happy pills and ritalin flowing through the doors of pharmacies is just insane these days.

Ted: Yes, basically what he said.

Escaping visions:

Ted: The song was originally shelved for a long time until we stumbled on some old recordings, and we found it pretty ferocious so be decided to pick it up again

Chris: Definitly the oldest tune on the record, originally from our first demo. The lyrics are quite changed though (even though we never recorded any vocals on the original demo). A fast paced more “old school” Forræderi tune. I can’t really recall if we changed anything except the speed on the tune musically, but I believe this was one of the first tracks we tried out with Tomas behind the drums.

Ingen Vei Tilbake:

Ted: The lyrics are about how we are destroying our world with our current ways of living, and if we don’t take massive actions now there will be an increasingly darker future for generations to come, but all signs points to us selfishly ignoring the effects we have on earth, and blatantly denying scientific proof of the dark footprints we leave behind.

Chris: The last tune we wrote before Timo, our last drummer left. Being great friends with both him and Tony from Barren Womb we did a collaboration thing lyrics wise. In other words, we got drunk and recorded some angry stuff. Timo originally had most of the vocals on the tune, so this felt like a given way to do it. Also, its fun that they sing in their quite unique «north norwegian accent».

Den Siste Fanen Faller:

Chris: Well. I´ve always hated the vermins that control our nations. A tune about Politicians, the elite and an continental union which is on the brink of going up in flames.

Ted: People are starting to wake up and see through the facade that has been so carefully build, they are realizing the utter nonsense that our monetary allows individuals to have more resources than entire countries have, and the fact that all they do with it is sitting on their pile of wealth that they never could extinguish even if they tried, while people are getting thrown out of their homes and being forced to live on the streets while empty houses are just rotting away just next to them.

Chris: Indeed, things are pretty fucked up these days. The neoliberalism has just gotten out of control, not just within the social economic aspects, but also the way its forming the mental aspects of society. It feels like the world keeps getting colder and more hostile with every passing day.
This is the third and final tune in Norwegian, which means the lyrics are a bit more in «in your face».

Scaling the Summit:

Chris: The one tune which is a bit different on the record. And the last one we wrote.

Ted: Scaling the summit is a personal one, it is about the hardships of going through depression and eventually moving on to a elevated euphoric state of mind.

Chris: It felt like a natural ending song, although I`m having a bit of regrets that we didn’t let it be done after the mid parts. A bit more separated vocal wise as well compared to the rest of the record perhaps ?


Thoughts on the recording and artwork:

Chris: We did all of the tracking for the record at our rehearsal space (Wich basically is made up of two freight containers wielded together) in Trondheim during 2015 and early 2016 .

The mix was done by an old good friend of ours called Runar Magnussen, who also did the recording and mix on the 10″ we released in 2011 called “Nå Må Det Faen Meg Ta Slutt”. All in all I’m pleased with how it all turned out, as it feels more dynamic and open than the previous records.

The artwork is based on an idea I had from many years back, a work in progress with the title “A Monument To Misery». I can’t really recall what the idea originally was for, but it didn’t work out for that at all.

Fortunatly enough I found it again while we were tracking the record and developed the idea further into what became the artwork. I`m really happy with how it turned out in the end.
The gas mask design was made by a good friend of mine called Izzy, who is an excellent tattoo artist.

I remember bugging her for some artwork for Forræderi and she asked for some keywords. So jokingly I answered something along the lines of gas masks , burning oil rigs and bulletbelts.

I guess she she really hit the nail on that one!

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