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Crust punks TRAUMA 84 embody a true crust hardcore grit on their new EP

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Hailing from Brno, Czech Republic, TRAUMA 84 have been doing their thing for well over two years now and their new EP “Pachuť šílenosti” proves they deserve to be heard by much wider audiences. We’ve teamed up witht the band to give you a track by track tour through the record and uncover some stories behind each of the raging songs.

The band’s new deliverry carries on the grinding, yet melodic crust hardcore punk sound they’ve developed over the years. Their first proper record is composed of just 6 blistering, breakneck tracks that are raw, fast, visceral and melodic throughout, showcasing their penchant for grindcore and corrosive punk, featuring a number of their own hooks to make it memorable. This pack has given us a captivatingly heavy capsule of thick sound that strikes a great balance between heavy and clean tones. Listen and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

“Pachuť šílenosti” by TRAUMA 84 is out now via Papagájův Hlasatel, Dis-šrot records, Schmeichel kabinett 666, Deadly Illness Records (Hungary), Šváb Records, GRF Records, Aback Records, Véva Records, Kamčůf DIY svět, Animator records, Ofca porn production, Vacul,  and directly from the band.

Pachuť šílenosti

Všechno jednou skončí / Everything will end one day

This first song is my favorite one. I think it has everything I like. It’s not just speedy noise without musical idea. The song starts with an interesting guitar part and atypical drum rhythm (for Trauma 84). I think the whole song is based on changing between refren / vocals and Perla´s screaming. The lyrics is about depression. It’s about how you are not able to stop the mood swinging. About how you are in despair because you can’t manage your brain.

Pachuť šílenosti / Aftertaste of madness

This song could have been recorded on the first demo if we were not lazy . I remember we started doing that song before the first demo were recorded but there were no time for finishing that. I think if you listen the first demo you can feel it´s more suitable for the first record. Funny thing is that original lyric of this song is maybe the best lyric I have ever done but until recording was done I realized our singer Perla deleted the best parts of the lyric and the final version is bullshit from my point of view. They are just a few dark words without any sense. She told me she had alerted me about that deleting before recording season but I don’t remember it :D Another interesting thing is that the bass part in the slow part of the song is written by bass player Erik. It is quite rare – I think it’s his second idea with he had ever participated in writing songs. The first one was on the demo. That song is called “Geneticky zruinován”.

Nepriatel všetkého / Enemy of everything

It´s the most melodic song we have. I remember I wasn’t satisfied with straight-lined songs we did so I decided to write something that is more melodic hc / punk than typical crust. The melodic guitar in the beginning of the song is in the same style as I used to play in my ex-band Resurgo. The middle of the song where is again played the melodic guitar is inspired by song from grindcore band Nasum. The song is called “Fury” and you can listen it here. I remember when I first heard Fury and told to myself “Hey! the pause with the melodic guitar inside this song is great. I have to do something similar”. So I did.

Keď prichádzá nicota / When nothingness comes

OK. We are here again. Swinging moods, overwhelming by anxiety and another cliche bullshits. I think it’s not necessary to write about that. But what is interesting for me is the music part of this song. It’s the third song what we done which is not fast noisy hell. The first one was recorded for the demo and it’s called “Infekce”. The another one is the first song of this 7´ep and the third one is this one. I like the combination the thrash guitar, primitive Oi! drums and Perla´s screaming. It´s sounds really angry to me and I like it. My theme guitar melody sounds like something from the legendary game called “Doom”. The electro soundtrack from this game is similar. The only part of this song I don’t like is the refren. I think it would sound more better if there were more vocals than just Perla´s. And I think the guitar is too much punkrock. Maybe it’s pity maybe not… I don’t know.

Slušní češi / Proper czechs

It’s the only political song what we have for this record. It’s about our nation and their hateful opinion about refugees. Interesting thing is that this is the first song where our drummer Bubák screams He takes turn with Perla and I like it.

Nechaj ma utéct / Let me run away

In our band we call it “Resurgo” because it´s similar to my ex-band Resurgo. It’s the second melodic song we have (the first one is “Nepriatel všetkého”). Our singer Perla hates that song because of the music but I think the rest of the band including me like it. Originally I didn’t intend to use the guitar melody for Trauma 84 but I remember how I accidentally played it in the practiceroom and our drummer Bubák liked it. So we did it. It’s also the second lyric written by Perla for this EP and it’s about her feelings about death of her father.

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