Damien Done by Nathaniel Shannon
Damien Done by Nathaniel Shannon
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DAMIEN DONE unveils an eclectic blend of post punk, gothic rock, new wave with great new album “Total Power”

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In the esteemed pages of a distinguished music journal, one might characterize Damien Done as an astonishing departure from Damien Moyal’s well-established reputation as a frontman for forceful ensembles. Moyal, who recently assembled the formidable death metal group Ekstasis featuring iconic drummer Fred Estby (Dismember/Carnage), has been at the helm of numerous impactful metallic hardcore bands since the 1990s, such as Morning Again, Shai Hulud, and Culture—not to mention the cult-favorite hardcore punk outfit As Friends Rust, which boasts a passionate and widespread international fanbase.

Yet, Damien Done is an entirely distinct sonic entity.

With Damien Done, Moyal channels his storied musical past into a more deliberate and composed pace, showcasing an eclectic blend of post punk, gothic rock, new wave, disco, and doom, and summoning vocal comparisons to the likes of Billy Idol, Jim Morrison, and Danzig.

Conceived amidst Miami’s vibrant neon hues and reimagined within Detroit’s desolate post-industrial landscapes, Damien Done delivers a brooding post-punk sound, spinning disquieting narratives through a uniquely expressive and storytelling vocal style. Damien Done’s discography encompasses a full-length album, an array of EPs and singles, and today we’re honored to give you his new offering in its entirety!

Total Power, Damien Done’s sophomore album, will be released on May 19 by Chicago’s Mind Over Matter Records.

In a striking departure from 2020’s To Night EP—a robust, full-band recording imbued with a grand, live ambience—Total Power effortlessly oscillates between shadowy, goth-infused rock and sparse, electronic compositions; amidst richly layered synths and introspective new wave. The resulting soundscape is dynamic and ever-evolving, culminating in the fully actualized and audaciously sophisticated artistic vision of Damien Done.

Total Power plays like an anthology of short stories, wherein its central characters often traffic in deplorable behavior, but are somehow spun as the protagonists.” – says Damien.

These noirish themes of secrecy, murder and subservience to compulsion are the hallmarks of Damien Done‘s material, and where he does deviate to deliver two love songs, they are not without their own dark sides. But the real surprise here is in the music itself.

Charm Offensive, the debut LP, weighed heavily toward dark, doomy rock songs with a touch of new wave, and 2020’s To Night EP opened up into a massive live, full-band sound. Total Power defies that trajectory, serving up a collection of tracks that run the gamut from danceable, gothy, post-punk bangers to a stripped-down, haunting acoustic duet, with energetic rockers, synth-laden mood-ruiners, and dark electronic bits along the way.

Total Power is varied, ambitious, and perfectly sequenced, and fans of all manner of shadowy music are sure to appreciate the ride.

The mixing of Total Power was expertly handled by James Paul Wisner, renowned for his work with Paramore, 36 Crazyfists, Dashboard Confessional, Underoath, and New Found Glory. The album also boasts a captivating duet titled “Bounty and Blight,” featuring La Femme Pendu, the musical alias of accomplished actress Allison Scagliotti, known for her roles in The Vampire Diaries, Warehouse 13, and One Tree Hill.

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