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Danny Diablo unveils SMOKE AxD hardcore supergroup, feat. Hoya Roc of MADBALL

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In a move that’s sent ripples through the underground music scene, Danny Diablo of Force 5 Records has pulled the curtain back on SMOKE AxD, a new supergroup stitching together threads from the hardcore fabric. Joining Diablo are Hoya Roc (formerly of Madball), guitarist Sean Martin (Hatebreed), and drummer Dimi Douvas (Crown of Thornz).

The group’s debut single, “Smoke All Day“, is a sonic manifesto of their approach.

The track is a maelstrom of heavy, metallic riffs infused with a doomy urban groove.

Hoya Roc, having parted amicably with Madball, brings to this collective his deep-seated DIY ethos and creative fervor. This transition is not a mere shift in direction but an evolution, channeling his energies into this new endeavor while continuing to helm his Smokin Word TV/Podcast network.

The genesis of SMOKE AxD lies at the intersection of Hoya’s twin loves: hardcore and cannabis.


It’s a project born from a backlog of riffs and grooves, now given life through collaboration with like-minded NYHC vets. Lord Ezec (Crown of Thornz, Skarhead), a close ally of Hoya, needed no persuasion to join. Sean Martin, a familiar face on the road, and drummer Dimi Douvas complete the lineup.

The masterful touch of producer Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Queensrÿche, Hatebreed) in recording the project adds a polished sheen to their gritty sound.


Lyrically, SMOKE AxD is an anthem of resilience and positivity, reflecting the collective life experiences of its members.

Yet, SMOKE AxD is not planning to saturate the scene with constant tours. Instead, they aim to transform their sporadic shows into significant events, potentially featuring guest musicians. Their roadmap includes the release of a 5-song EP in Spring 2024 under Hoya’s Casa De Roc label, distributed by Vydia.

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