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Dead Skaters Brigade – Crossover punks WARGAME comment on their new raging record!

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As with all good old school crossover thrash lyrics, the contents range from a somewhat disjointed collection of thoughts on various political and social struggles, to skateboarding zombies and monsters of the deep sea. Mix it with a solid dose of bludgeoning, breakneck speed riffage, ferocious drummin’ and powerful dynamics that channel the insane amounts of energy, and you’ll exhaust the listener into submission. It’s exactly the case of the newest album from Italian raging metallized hardcore punks WARGAME, whose sick brand of crossover thrash serves as the perfect foundation for their spectacularly insane lyrics, touching on zombies, skate, monsters, superheroes and horrorific techno-cops, but also about down-to-earth political and social issues. We caught up with them to learn more about their scary, electrifying lullabies and here’s what we’ve got!

‘Dead Skateboarders Brigade’ by WARGAME is available now on CD and digital via Slaughterhouse Records.


RADIOACTIVE FISH – The first song talks about the worldwide problem of mass fishing. Whole ecosystems are being destroyed by intensive fishing. We imagined that somedays humanity will be attacked by a sort of angry and gigantic monster-fish, a vengeful kaiju born by radioactivity, coming for avenge all his brother fishes became Filet-O-Fish.

CONTROL OVER YOU – This is a serous song. It is an invitation to all gay, lesbian, transgender, queer people to stand up and express freely their sexuality, gender and orientation. We live in a world that tries to control everything, also our most intimate things. We must fight against a world of control and security.

FAST CARS – And what if the cars that bring us to work everyday were some evil aliens, horrible Transformers that want to enslave us and conquer the planet? “Fast Cars” talks about a war between humanity and the evil Decepticon. No, it is not a serious song.

DEAD SKATERS BRIDAGE – The title track DSB is the most metal-ish song of all the album. It’s title says it all: zombies, skaters, zombie-skaters. Plain, right? It is also a nonsense rumble against totalitarian regimes that kill and oppress who doesn’t conform, but we are the Dead Skaters Brigade and nobody can tell us what to do!

WALLBREAKERS – Well, another serious song. Some months ago, one friend of us was arrested because he participated to a demonstration against borders. This song talks about all people who fight against walls and pay the price for their choice. We believe in a world where there are no walls, no borders and no nations.

MOLOTOV MAN – Who is Molotov Man? He is our local super-hero! His super suit is full-black, his mask is a balaclava and his super-power is super-throwing molotov-bottles against the cops. We love this song because it is super-fast, super-angry and super-stupid!

MONODIMENSIONAL LI(F)E – This song is one of my favourites, because it is very melodic but also very punk. It talks about people who spend their time at their phone and more specifically about people who build a second life online, where everything is how they like and reality can be freely changed. It is not true. Wake up!

TOXIC FOG – This song is an old one. It talks about our place, Monza (Italy), where there is nothing at all, except the fog. We imagined (thanks John Carpenter!) that some strange horrors hide inside the fog. It is not a normal atmospherical event. It is an evil wind, a deadly gas that rise from our minds and kills our souls.

RECURRING OF TIMES – Aaaand another more serious song! This time, it talks about far-right movements that rise against in Europe and everywhere the World. We are strongly anti-fascists. We believe that fascism and nazism already came to power one time in history and they were defeated. If they should try to come again, they will be beaten again.

WHERE ARE YOUR BANDANAS? – Somewhere we read that every thrashcore band have at least one song that talks about friends who betrayed them. We do not have such betrayer friends, but we decided to write anyway a song about them. It is not a serious song and it is full of breaksdowns, rapcore stanzas, moshing – everything that in italian is called a “tamarrata”.

ACID BARF – DSB has three old songs: it is one of them. Acid Barf talks about an unlucky metalhead who is very thirsty and wants to drink a beer. But he is very unlucky and accidentally drinks some radioactive waste and mutate in an ugly monster four arms, six eyes and homicidal instincts. We where very into Municipal Waste when we wrote this song!

MAD MASTER – Mad Master is the last old song of DSB. It is a rant against working too much and against our dumbass bosses. We do not like work and we prefer to spend out time playing punk and listeing heavy metal.

TERROR OVER NEO-MILAN – Neo-Milan is an imaginary cyberpunk city in Italy where the law is violently enforced by some horrific techno-cops with blades instead of fingers. They stalk the streets in search of preys, poor, migrants and small drug-dealers, hunting and killing them without mercy. It is a common show in Neo-Milan and people are so used to it that nobody care about everyday killings and everyone continue to sip their drinks…

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