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Deathgrinding commando BLAST RITES return with new boxing infused music video for “Beating the Count”

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Exactly one year after the release of their crushing album “Beating the Count”, Poznań based deathgrind act BLAST RITES strikes back with a new boxing themed music video for the title track. With brutal and extreme music at their core, the band shows a lot of attachment to their oldschool hardcore roots and lyrically, deliver a lot of references to combat sports and tackle overcoming internal struggles. Directed by Kuba Leszko of Fleshworld and Woda i Pustka, the video can be watched above.

Much like the other tracks from the album, “Beating the Count” delivers positive message and focuses on the need to eliminate negative motivation stemming from past traumas.

The band is currently in the process of writing new music and rehearsing with their new bass player, Filp Jurczak (Bloodstained, ex-Dead Man’s Chest), getting ready for live shows later in 2022.

If you’re a fan of bands like Misery Index, Murder Contruct, Man Must Die or Dyscanate and haven’t heard “Beating the Count” yet, you must give it a spin.


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