DECODER loses the vocalist

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Rise Records’ DECODER have parted ways with their vocalist Spencer Pearson.

The band commented:

We recently decided to part ways with our vocalist, Spencer Pearson, due to recurring issues with drugs and alcohol that reinforced a lack of effort and poor performance on his behalf. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary. After many long talks to try and get him to clean up his act on and off stage it began to get too out of hand. As a band friendship is first and foremost, but you can only be a friend to someone with those problems for so long until you become apart of the problem by allowing it to continue. After an unprovoked attack by Spencer Pearson towards me that resulted in me getting 27 stitches he swore he would change his ways and it was irresponsible of us to believe him and not help him seek the care he needs. A few days later into the tour the same issues started up and we decided it would be best of he went home. Unfortunately our van ended up breaking down and we had to drop the rest of the tour. We are going to take the time to regroup and reinvent ourselves. When we return we won’t be the same Decoder you are familiar with. With all we have been through together since the formation of this band we know nothing will stop us and we have always remained positive and light-hearted even in the worst of situations. I’ve never known a group of people more positive then these 4 people I share my everyday with. Also, to fill everyone in, Anthony Sepe was a touring guitarist and wasn’t on the album and he left to join another band and we love and support him and you should to because he is a great guy. As a band and as friends we are more excited than ever for our future and the future of this band. Expect changes and expect big things.
We still all have so much to say. In the coming weeks we will be posting a video filling everyone in on the band and what’s going on,” the band said in a follow-up post.

DECODER promo video:

DECODER – “Holding On”:

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  1. […] As previously announced the band’s vocalist has left the ship. Now Bryce Sipes (bass) announced his departure from the band: After some great thought I have decided I will no longer be joining my friends in Decoder. I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Here’s my official statement in regards to my departure from the band as tactfully as I can put it: FUCK THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! FUCK RECORD LABELS! FUCK MANAGERS! FUCK BOOKING AGENTS! FUCK ALL THE DIPSHITS WHO WILL SUCK THE COCK OF ANYONE IN A MORE NOTABLE BAND TO TRY AND GET THEIR BAND BIGGER! FUCK ALL YOU FAKE FUCKERS! All you bands who claim to “love your fans” and say you do it for them and then talk shit on them the second they turn around and say things like “oh, we had a talker”. Fuck you. A million times fuck you. You’re all so full of shit and it’s a game that has nothing to do with music. All the friends I made through this band you know who you are. Everyone else can fuck themselves. […]

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