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DEPTHS OF HATRED stands out from the death metal pack with technically intense new album “Inheritance”

Following the release of DEPTHS OF HATRED’s latest album, Inheritance, both William Arseneau (vocals) and Martin Trottier (guitar) sat down with us to break down the album’s lyrical narrative and concept.

“On the musical side of things, we really tried to balance melodies and aggression to make a cohesive sound that would evolve alongside the progression of the album and keep listeners intrigued.” – says the band.

“Being influenced by many different genres, we tried to incorporate as much variety as we could without sounding forced or out of place. So yeah, trying new things is always risky but I think it is essential to grow as an artist and we’re really happy with how the album came out. Enjoy!”

DEPTHS OF HATRED have wiped the slate clean, returning with their new album, Inheritance, their first full length release via Prosthetic Records. With a new vocalist, a new sound and a new energy to kick off 2021 – DEPTHS OF HATRED have lost none of the technical edge that made them stand out from the death metal pack. Putting the past firmly where it belongs, the Canadian five-piece have grabbed the opportunity to embrace a change of direction and look only to the future.

The record is out now via Prosthetic Records!

1. Enslaved Through Lineage – On the lyrical side of things, all the songs are linked through a narrative exploring a child born in a cult that’s led by his own father. Enslaved Through Lineage is the birth of our protagonist, and we learn that he is chosen to inherit the soul of the leader by living through the same life he did.

2. Sadistic Trials – In the narrative, the child is now baptized and presented to the rest of the community as the heir of the leader. The higher-ups of the congregation are now plotting to manipulate the child and control his life moving forward, for the cycle to repeat once again.

3. Pulsating Rhythm – Pulsating Rhythm is probably the darkest song on the album both musically and lyrically. It is about the night our protagonist witnesses his father abusing his mother. This is his breaking point and his innocence is now stripped away from him. At the end of this awful act, his mother thanks her aggressor for this ‘blessing’. As I said, this is extremely dark.

4. Fastidious Imitation – This song is about the repercussions of the track before it. The child is now broken inside and makes himself believe that affection is shown in violence, just like his father did. He starts to attack his peers to seek attention from his father and the congregation.

5. Drop of Red – Drop of Red is the point of no return where the protagonist has now taken a life for the first time. He starts to feel shame and regret, but he quickly justifies his actions by thinking that he is doing this for the greater good of his community.

6. Illusive Obsession – We are now at the middle point of the story, years are passing and our protagonist’s doubts are becoming more apparent. There is still a fight in his head on whether he should continue the path laid in front of him or stop and choose his own. By the end of the song, he now sees that he has been manipulated and he does not want anything to do with his father.

7. The Gift of Consciousness – We’ve decided to name this song “The Gift of Consciousness” because at the end of the last song, he finally becomes his own person. He is now free of manipulation, or so it seems…

8. Shivers – Shivers is the beginning of the third act, as the leader poisons the protagonist’s mother as a means to manipulate his son to kill one more time. The child, who is now a man, tragically sees his mother’s last breath.

9. Inheritance – The title track of the album is the confrontation between the father and the protagonist. The leader asks his son to take his life for the cycle to be complete and for them to become one single being. In a rage, the child does so as it was intended from the beginning.

10. The End of Ourselves – The line between the protagonist and the leader is now non-existent. The only way for the cycle to be stopped is for the protagonist to take one last life; his own. He is now putting his lineage behind to make amends for the sins of his past lives.

11. Emerging as One – On the last song of the album, we find our protagonist too scared to stop himself and take the place of his father as the new leader of his community.
The cycle is now completed and it will repeat itself forevermore.

DEPTHS OF HATRED stands out from the death metal pack with technically intense new album “Inheritance”
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