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“Drops”: contemplating the clouds with screamo act ENTZAUBERUNG!

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One year after his excellent EP “The Love We Think We Deserve”, Parisian one-man screamo/emoviolence project ENTZAUBERUNG is back with his debut full length called “Drops”! Composed, performed, recorded and mixed at home, mastered by the one and only Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, and supported with a wicked music video “Cumulonimbus Capillatus” created frame by frame with Excel (yes, Microsoft’s spreadsheet software), the record is available below, along with a track-by-track commmentary!

“Drops” is inpired by clouds. I wanted to write an album about clouds because they are an universal source of amazement. Clouds offer a wonderful show all around the world since the origin of the Earth. This show is free, and you can enjoy it at every age.

Each song from “Drops” is named after a type of cloud. Why “Drops”? In the end (or at the beginnning) a cloud is a large collection of very (very) tiny drops.

“Drops” drops this Friday, April 13th!

Altocumulus Lenticularis

It’s a special type of clouds with wonderful shapes.

This track was not supposed to be the first track of the album. I just wanted an interlude leaded by a tapping gimmick on the guitar. Finally, the track is leaded by the voice, the drums and I think it fits perfectly as an intro.

Cumulonimbus capillatus

Cumulonimbus capillatus is the tallest and most violent of the storm clouds. In this song I tell that it is important to take time to watch the sky, watch the hundred shades of white, of grey, of blue. On the top of that, I wanted something that recalls lightning bolt. That’s why I made this video clip.


Fumulus is a cloud generated by factories or stuffs like that. This tracks is precisely about the smoke rising from 2 chimneys of a waste treatment center located in Ivry-sur-Seine, a city at the gates of Paris. This center is the biggest in France.

Cumulus humilis

This one is maybe the most “joyfull song” from this album. Cumulus humilis is usually the type of cloud that the children draw. It creates very soft and innocent landscapes.


Virga is rainy cloud. But it’s a special one. Its rain does not reach the ground, it evaporates before. I’ve tried to express this phenomenon with this song.


Nimbostratus are the large grey clouds that stick the sky when it rains all day long. But this track is not about rain. I simply tell that I never get bored by watching clouds.


Arcus is associated with powerful storm clouds. It has the shape of a tunnel. Never an Entzauberung’s song has had so many lyrics. This track deals with the way we create knowledge : observation, analysis, classification. According to me, there is one more thing before and after this process : wonderment.

Stratocumulus opacus

This song is about rain, flowers and being drunk. Are flowers drunk under a heavy rain ? Do flowers want to dance after a it ?

Stratus nebulosus

This track is about these sad days with no sun, when the clouds are so dense that they hide the light, when you want to beg the sun to come back to warm us.


This type of cloud became official in 2017. It’s pretty impressive and hypnotic because an asperitas has two layers moving at different speeds. Asperitas is both fascinating and threatening. The song tries to translate this feeling.

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