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Premiered in late July, the latest split from Brussel’s EVERY STRANGER LOOKS LIKE YOU and Ditzingen, Germany’s MAHLSTROM is one of the most fantastic records this year. Both bands blended nostalgia and a hard hitting hardcore hooks and promised good things for the future of their work. As long as there are bands like these releasing records of this quality then the flame will continue to burn strong for a long time to come. Here’s a close up of the flame – the newest video from EVERY STRANGER LOOKS LIKE YOU, released in support of this tasty record. Watch below and scroll down to see their upcoming European dates!


Blistered fingers. Heavy heart. For years I have lingered.
But now I will part.

“The magician wants to see, ‘Fire, walk with me’”

My face, it is not my own
I leave the past buried ‘cause it’s all just mirrors and smoke
Am I alive? Am I alive now?

Your lips are too frail for these words.
My limbs are too frail for this earth.
I can’t wait until I feel home again.
I can’t wait until I feel whole again.

We were lovers, and here we lie.
We ate each other and then we died.
Am I awake? Am I awake now?

We were nothing.
And I am no one.
Memories are reality.
Until they’re gone.

Tour Dates:


20.08. Thu, Leuven (BE) / Room 66, Rock Café Leuven

21.08. Fri, Antwerp (BE) / Antwerp Music City

22.08. Sat, Gießen / AK44 Gießen

23.08. Sun, Stuttgart / Juha West

24.08. Mon, Zürich (CH) / Kochareal

25.08. Tue, Vienna / Venster 99

27.08. Thu, Leipzig / Kulturcafe Manfred Leipzig

28.08. Fri, Berlin / XB Liebig

29.08. Sat, Hamburg / Gängeviertel

30.08. Sun, Aachen / AZ Aachen

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