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EVERY STRANGER LOOKS LIKE YOU debut new track & video “Tying The Knot”

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Belgium’s sludgy post hardcore experimentalists EVERY STRANGER LOOKS LIKE YOU are readying new EP “I : Levensmoeheid” for October 15th and the band just released a duo of great tracks, one of which has received a powerful new music video by Stefaan Temmerman that can be seen above.

Credits: recorded and mixed at Much Luv Studio, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.


Dead, but still breathing
When will this life finally leave me?
Chained, but not caged
So you will never be safe

I can’t start feeling alive when my heart’s not beating right
I need to know where my love now lies so I can feel the dying of light

Summer’s scars, I still remember
How our hands were slowly severed
You said “bend your head and focus on breathing”
The pin hit my neck as you were leaving
Silk waves, wash me away
Concrete heat melted heavy rain
Frozen in time, mind down the drain
As summer sang I’d see you again

Sing to me
So I can see
Love still lives where we buried our dreams
Only me
I just need this to be real

Slowly I rot
But you won’t fucking see


I’m begging for release
But I’m afraid to be free
And so I’ve sentenced myself to a life of misery

I could walk away and never return
But here is where my past silently burns

Bricks laid in blood, cemented by my suffering
Inertia reigns here and I am barely functioning

There’s a room where no-one speaks and glass eyes gaze at me
The rats come out and feed as my consciousness leaves

Panic’s at the front door
I know I’m fucking done for
Until I’m calm I’ll be here
I hope they’ll never see me
Oh can’t you hear them screeching?
I bet the walls are bleeding.

Bricks laid in blood, cemented by my suffering
I’ll forgive myself when I feel the sulfur smothering

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