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FAITH NO MORE prepares new album!

The band will release a new limited edition seven-inch single of the track “Motherfucker”, right before the premiere of the full length album that will hit the stores in April 2015! The new single will be released on December 9, 2014. Prior to this new exciting release, the band will headline Australia’s Soundwave festival in February 2015. A lot more international dates will be announced soon!

The band commented:

“We’ve always shared a chemistry between ourselves that’s unique to this band, but these past few years of touring together have made us aware that we not only play better as a unit, but we like the new stuff we’re coming up with. So we’ve decided: we’re going to get busy in 2015… make an album we’re proud of, kick things up a notch, get out there and perform it and maybe even dedicate a little more focus to our fans in the States this time.”

What I can say is that I think through our experience as musicians over the years, I think what we’re doing reflects where we’ve gone since we made our last record as FAITH NO MORE. I think this kicks things up a notch. And I think there’s parts that are very powerful and there’s parts that have a lot of ‘space.’

Everything we do, with our chemistry, the way we play; it’s always going to sound like us. It’s just what we do, that makes us feel good. Hopefully it doesn’t sound like a bunch of 50-year-old men… which we are!

There’s going to be a lot of space and scope — big, big sound-stage space — but I also think there’s gonna be a lot of those things that we already have. All I can say is what we’re doing just feels right.”

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