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FAKE OFF – “Prairie” video

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Lillee, France based post hardcore band FAKE OFF is a new 5 piece, whose influences come from bands such as TOUCHE AMORE, SHAI HULUD, WITH HONOR, and NINE ELEVEN. After one EP and full length release, the band is back with a new EP called Boréal, promoted with this amazing new track called “Prairie”. Watch it below and expect a full record release via Backpack Records (UK), BG Records (FR), Dingleberry records (DE), Don’t Trust the Hype Records (FR), Emergence Records (FR), Inhumano discos (CH), Koepfen records (DE), KROD Records (FR) and Lonely Voyage Records (UK).

Sadness-oriented, deftly underlaying landscapes and geography metaphors, their music is about self-construction and what a man calls a life, framing all the uncompromising choices of modern society and their struggles. These gents deliver their passion, unfolding powerful and poignant music through their emotional and physical engagement. One of the most incredible thing touring over the past 5 years gave them, is the opportunity of meeting generous and genuine people across Europe.


Out in the wild, so perfect is this mud stained sky. Out in the wild, so perfect is this mud stained sun. Under leaden skies. The strain of constantly searching for a beauty in silver clouds. “Hold the string, you’re launching.” Loaded down by words, by thoughts. Shouts and whispers to wind up the springs. My body is crawling against stones. The same rocks I used to feed myself. I swallow gravels. I could even eat my eyes. Gallows of love for greener grassland. Shouts and whispers to wind up the springs. I could even eat my eyes. Forget their color, they have burnt into silence. They witnessed so many searches for greater purposes. Something to die for. The beast currently residing under my skin deserves a rest.

The band commented on the video:

This video tells our summer European tour. The great moments we had the chance to live by playing music and meeting people all over administrative boundaries. We definitely had a blast. Those moments don’t reflect the story told in the Boréal EP, inspired by some other aspects of life more visible in darkness times. So it’s not really a clip, the lyrics don’t fit these frames. Just see them as the negative aspect, like in photography. The lyrics tell the other materiality of the soil supporting this footprint of joy.


About the record:

“Boréal” was written during a self-destructing time for some people around and inside the band. The songs collect all the grief and tribulations of a trial aiming to coexist in an revolting social environment. It procures the most intensely emotional and aggressive songs the band has ever written. They recorded 5 songs as 5 steps in a migration, 5 songs as 5 moments in emancipation. Each chapter delivers melancholic melodies crashing into a powerful song. “Boréal” is an album, a collection of emotional and musical panoramas underlying landscape metaphors. The trip is leading in the boreal geography, carrying away the listener from the gravity of a forest to the pristine wilderness of Arctic. Steps into the prairie, taiga and tundra imply the audience in some poignant scene of sorrow and tearing off moments. The EP relates the retreat of a person searching for clarity and peace. This retreat reveals much as the distance between a man and the society than the proximity between a man and a depression, dying his life in transparency. The images are veiled to suit everyone who could be wandering. Composing the EP as a whole, the band worked once again with the graphic designer and tattooist Tommy Knuts to get a coherency between lyrics, music and artwork. Between symbolic and realistic traces, the design is made with handmade pictures expressing each act. The artist delivered a comprehensive packaging for this “musical portfolio”.

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