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German emotive post hardcore band WATCHING TIDES tackle toxic relationhips in new song & lyric video “Tell Me I’m Fine”

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Emotional, moody post hardcore rockers WATCHING TIDES are less than 2 weeks away from the premiere of their debut album on This Charming Man Records, and today we’re stoked to give you their new track and lyric video called “Tell Me I’m Fine”

Comments the band: “This is “Tell Me I’m Fine“, the second single from our upcoming Debut LP “We’ve Been So Close – Yet So Alone“. It’s about finding space and a place in your own mind to feel a sense of safety from the toxic influence of others. It is the reflection of one sided relationships and the attempt to cope within them.”

“This album is intense, almost too bombastic and precise to believe there are only three people on stage.” – says This Charming Man Records. “To be honest, my big emo-times were the late 90s – midwest sound a la Crank or Caulfield, and since one year ago I had never heard of this Berlin three-piece. Watching Tides fits more into the later wave of emotional hardcore, with atmospheric guitar layers like early Piano Become The Teeth, with a more edgy sound. Technique-wise they are very close to Cascet Lottery, with nice rhythms and a top notch drumming. You can find a bit of a grunge vibe as well, the singing reminds a bit of Tigers Jaw or Basement, without being too sympathetic.So if you dig these kinds of bands and imagine adding some punk as well, you might end up loving Watching Tides.”

Watching Tides

just one word
like nails to my guts
you keep talking and I hold my breath
I feel worthless
and you shook my ground with the blink of an eye
and you don’t seem to care

you take it all back
say sorry one last time
didn’t mean to hurt me
I know

so I run to a place where my head can reside in peace
where the flaws you see don’t seem to mind at all
uncloud my mind
tell me I’m fine

and then you speak your mind
and all I see is ugly
all so different just seconds ago
now my whole world has shifted

you took it all
gave me empty hands
you need me more
I need this all to end

Watch Watching Tide’s video for their previously released new song “Stranger Friend”:

Adds the band: “It reflects a sense of emptiness and loneliness while being close to a person, not being able to be honest and truthful while carrying their weight on your own shoulders.”

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