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GHOSTLIMB streaming new song! New album due out February 5 on Vitriol Records!

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GHOSTLIMB have premiered a new killer track from their new album Difficult Loves, to be released on February 5 via Vitriol Records. It’s called “Treason Fluently” and it serves an impressive fusion of different hardcore and metal styles, expanding GHOSTLIMB’s dynamics to one of the wildest offerings we’ve heard this Fall. Play it loud!

Ghostlimb formed sometime in 2005 as a two-piece guitar and drum hardcore band. Fueled by a love for all things melodic and ridiculously enraged, this three piece (in 2006 Neal started playing bass), got out there will all kinds of pissed off. With an emphasis on politics, history, and a meager grasp of various theories, Ghostlimb has stayed on a track of pushing it that is crucially realized in the trilogy of records “Infrastructure” (2011), “Confluence” (2012), and “Difficult Loves” (2016).  Edging on a decade of existence, Ghostlimb continue to  push forward with reckless abandon and a faint dream of actually getting some point across. New LP coming in Feb, 2016, “Difficult Loves” is the record that ghosti should have always made.

Justin Smith commented:

I feel like this one is the most developed in what we have sought to do over the last 10 years. True to form, it is about history, politics, and environmental stuff but it brings in a lot more from the literary realm. The title of the record is from an Italo Calvino book and although it isn’t specifically about the kind of short vignettes that are in the book, it is about glimpses into normal peoples’ lives. More about capturing a feeling than being a crusader of some dialectical change. The music itself is probably more influenced by metal.

Previous records by GHOSTLIMB:

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