Brooks Was Here, by Filip Holka
Brooks Was Here, by Filip Holka
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Grungy emo post hardcore band BROOKS WAS HERE share new singles; hit the road for a quick weekender with fellow bands

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Warsaw post hardcore rockers BROOKS WAS HERE have dropped another batch of tracks from their new eclectic series of double singles. Just in time for their trio of weekender shows with PAVEMENT PIZZA and LOVE GLOVE (see the details below), the band brings in an interesting mixture of styles with “Restart”, a straight up rush of manic emo grunge punk, and “Nie Ma Gdzie Iść”, a more gloomy delivery that drags the listener to the edge of psychedelic sludge.

Catch Brooks Was Here, Pavement Pizza and Love Glove live at the following stops in Poland:

29.10 – Warsaw
30.10 – Cracow
31.10 – Wrocław

To celebrate and get you stoked for this coming weekend, we have teamed up with BROOKS WAS HERE for their special track by track commentary and all three bands for a special Spotify playlist with over 160 songs to get your feet and brain cells moving.


It’s the first time when I decided to sing about something that makes me mad in the leftist community, not only outside of it. It’s about the gatekeepers who watch your every move and check if you’re lefty enough to be the leftist. Usually the same people that keep themselves away from doing anything else in practice around any important subject. There’re a lot of leftist ideas and books that affect me a lot, probably much more than any music does, but some communities who talk a lot of being equal and treating each other with respect even can’t stand other leftist with really similar points of view in most of the subjects.


I wish I could turn it down, but It’s impossible
A festival of accusations
Who is the one setting the house on fire, who?
The kind people from under the red flags
Are turning into an army
Watch their every step, step
Fight for freedom, while fighting to laugh
Whenever anyone falls down
Hide your hand, and sharpen your knife
I’d like a restart, this is falling apart like a house of cards
Everyone like a common clan
Treats one another like an enemy at the gates
This is so boring that I just say “mhm” or “hahaha”
As if the whole point has disappeared
Somewhere amidst a discussion about shortcomings
Life is surprising like
Famous rappers in a bathtub
You don’t know when it’s going to be your time to fall in
You being shown
The finger pointers
Drowned in the battle
A boring feast for the holy heads
They have anointed themselves
I don’t see any saviors here

“Nie Ma Gdzie Iść”:

“There’s nowhere to go” is probably the most popular topic during the last two years, COVID.


There’s nowhere to go
Scratched walls behind the window panes
Like a injection
As if to sew up
Traces of the places where
We used to live


A handpicked playlist of tracks from a bunch of bands worth a check:

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