Pavement Pizza by Michał Matraszek
Pavement Pizza by Michał Matraszek
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Grungy surf indie rockers PAVEMENT PIZZA return with well balanced new EP “Snack Bag”

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A little over two years since our initial introduction of the band, Warsaw based alt grungy rockers PAVEMENT PIZZA are back with a follow up EP to their debut release SKUXX. With solid songwriting and well produced amalgam of 90s alt rock, grungy emotive punk rock and brit pop tinged indie, “Snack Bag” (Peleton Records) comes as a fine offering with positive vibes, some shifting moods, and dynamic movement that makes the band an act to watch.

PAVEMENT PIZZA is: Michał Traczyk (vacals), Dominik Dębowczyk (guitar), Michał Sztylko (guitar), Janusz Bejman (bass) i Jurek Skarżyński (drums, vocals). 

Recorded in Warsaw studio Wieloślad with Michał Ścibior. Mixed and mastered by Australia’s mastermind Jack Nigro (Skeggs, Vacations czy Pacific Avenue).

Buggin’ out

We all really love this song, it’s so fun to play and we usually start our rehearsals with it. Surfy drums and distorted riffs definitely put us in a right mood and place.

That’s probably why it was rather easily chosen as a first track on ‘Snack Bag’ EP, as well as an opening song for our live gigs. On the other hand – lyrically the main theme of the song it that people, even when everything goes more or less in a good way in their lives, tend to constantly find new things to worry and be anxious about. The unsettling feeling about things we do or about how we are seen by others sometimes become our lasting companion. Maybe it’s just human to feel such way? Or is it?

Candy Flip

This song, like most of the numbers on this album, was the result of the fusion of our sharp minds. While creating it we felt more and more strongly that it has a lot of potential. During the making of this number a little bit forgotten by us motive came back, discarded while making Skuxx. It became a bridge and fitted perfectly into the vision that guided us further.

As far as the lyrical layer is concerned, the inspiration for the lyrics to Candy Flip was a trip to Berlin which I (Jurek) went on with Yogi and Majki. The trip was quite epic as it started with a concert of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard, then we had a few days of blissful chill out drunk with various specifics and we ended the trip with Ty Segall’s concert. This gig blew us out of our slippers. Both these gigs and all the adventures in between led to the lyrics to the song, because they deserved it.

The number itself was eventually chosen as the single to promote the album. We all like it very much and it reminds those of us present on the mentioned trip how awesome it was.

Armadillo dog

A song about my (Yogi) dog, who can adapt to any conditions and looks as if she’s comfortable in any. It is my expression of adoration for this little creature, from whom I could learn a lot and am learning all the time. It is also my way to compensate for the fact that I don’t always have as much time for her as she deserves.

It seemed to be the first finished song for the new material and the one I absolutely adore, for obvious reasons.

No big deal

We created this song as a quick puncher. This is a lot more agressive one. We were not sure if we’re gonna put it on the EP but the final form surprised us in a good way and now we like it a lot. Fast song about complicated relations with people that matter or should be important for us.


Thunderclap – this song is basically about shagging, or actually not shagging. Why even look for excuses for not doing it? That’s just crazy.

Up in the air

A tribute to an awesome man whom this world did not deserve. Decided to say goodbye at the time when I (Yogi) still had a lot to say to him – well, mostly some silly things, but sometimes, on a daily basis, they become the most important, don’t they? The sun went down earlier that day. You are and will be missed, you dumb fuck.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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