LOCKED IN by Alessio Chopy Cambiotti
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Italian passionate hardcore pack LOCKED IN returns with first new music in 7 years; “Not Dead Yet” EP premiering NOW!

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Fresh off the recent announcement of their comeback EPs on Epidemic Records, Italian mid 00s hardcore punks LOCKED IN are back to our pages with a special presentation of “Not Dead Yet” EP, its first full listen and their commentary below.

The Italian hardcore five piece LOCKED IN returns after a 7 year hiatus with a new EP called “Not Dead Yet”. The band teamed up with Epidemic Records, which is taking care of this digital release as well as another EP to be out in 2021.

“We owe the sound of “Not Dead Yet” to the new lineup. We put a lot of each of us into it.” – says the band.

LOCKED IN by Alessio Chopy Cambiotti
LOCKED IN by Alessio Chopy Cambiotti

“We remained firm on our references, but we also let ourselves explore new territories. This EP transcends everything we’ve done before and it denotes our fierce desire to come back. In fact, we were surprised by what we were able to come up with right off the bat, because if we think about our lives now, it might not be easy to feel inspired, to put in the necessary anger and to make sometimes bold choices, but once we got into the practice room together, everything seemed to work effortlessly.”

“In some ways this EP (as well as the next one) is our lifeline. In such a dramatic year we were looking for answers and tried to give vent to our negativity as well.”


Locked In were quite active between 2007 and 2013 and played Italy and Europe extensively before coming to a full stop. But some love stories are not meant to be over. The desire to play together and to express personal feelings with loud, sharp riffs, banging drums and screamed vocals found its satisfaction in these five tracks, which include elements that all old time fans will recognize and appreciate as well as innovations to catch the attention of listeners that haven’t fallen in love with this band yet.

LOCKED IN by Alessio Chopy Cambiotti
LOCKED IN by Alessio Chopy Cambiotti

The result is an explosive mix of hardcore, punk and metal. Honest, straight to the point, emotional. Nothing is fake here, it’s pure adrenaline, passion, sincerity.


Five tracks, five different episodes in a monolithic, yet multifaceted EP, which the band started unveiling with the first single “Dying City” last week.

Not Dead Yet is out on all digital platforms. Locked In is looking forward to better times, when shows will be possible again, to play their old anthems and their new songs and share these moments we all miss with all of us.

LOCKED IN by Alessio Chopy Cambiotti
LOCKED IN by Alessio Chopy Cambiotti
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