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Harmony in contrast and exploration of toxic relationships: The Ryan Liberty Megan alt rock saga & new video premiere

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Ryan Liberty Megan stands as a paradoxical figure, weaving a narrative that defies conventional categorization. From the serene streets of New Paltz, New York, once a doting father who set aside his musical aspirations for fatherhood, Ryan now returns to the scene with an offering more eclectic and enigmatic than ever.

Ryan’s journey in music is a tale of dichotomies, a reflection of his own life’s contrasting paths.

His parents, a radical feminist lesbian and a conservative cop, imparted a unique blend of influences that shaped his early years. His mother’s role at the School of Music at the University of Iowa exposed him to a world of creative expression, nurturing his early songwriting talents. It was during a teenage acid trip, entranced by Pink Floyd’s “Live at Pompeii,” that Ryan’s destiny with the guitar was sealed.

His musical odyssey is marked by a nomadic existence, a tapestry of odd jobs interspersed with stints in noise bands, culminating in the formation of ORYAN. Despite the local acclaim and the promise of greater success, Ryan chose the path of fatherhood, demonstrating a commitment to values over personal ambition.

Ryan’s return to music was catalyzed by a transformative experience during the holiday season of 2020. Undertaking a project of crafting personalized songs rekindled his passion for daily songwriting, reigniting a flame that had been dimmed but never extinguished. His battle with bipolar disorder and ADHD only added layers to his music, infusing it with a raw, unfiltered emotional depth.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences, Ryan’s music is an amalgamation of the weird and the wonderful, echoing the likes of Roger Miller, Melvins, Mr. Bungle, and Wilco. His latest album, “El Songo,” is a dreamscape of 15 songs that delve into the darker moments of life, inspired by profound discussions on life and mental illness.

Ryan’s latest project is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a personal odyssey, an exploration of the deeper recesses of the human experience. His latest video (watch above), an evocative piece laden with emotional symbolism, is a testament to this. The song, dealing with the complexities of toxic relationships, oscillates between the perspectives of the abused and the abuser.

Ryan Liberty Megan by Matthew Hersch
Ryan Liberty Megan by Matthew Hersch

The video, inspired by haunting photographs of old buildings and settings, juxtaposes images of vibrant early life with the emptiness that follows its emotional release. Ryan explains, “The song is about the often toxic complexities of relationships…the video had to convey that without being explicit.”

In a bold artistic choice, Ryan removed his vocals from the mix, allowing background singers to take the forefront, embodying the song’s emotional resonance.

Ryan Liberty Megan’s story is not just about music; it’s about the intricacies of human connections, the struggles and triumphs of a life lived in vivid hues of contrast and complexity.

As he weaves his narrative through the medium of sound and vision, Ryan invites us into a world where music is not just heard but deeply felt, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

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