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Screamo act HIVE MIND and chaotic hardcore force WHAT OF US premiere new split recording!

WHAT OF US split
We have teamed up with Hydrogen Man Records and Middle-Man Records to give you an exclusive first listen of a new split recording by intense, chaotic hardcore act WHAT OF US and raw screamo pack HIVE MIND, presented through an interview last year. Limited to 300 copies on pink vinyl, the 7” record will be coming out in two days, but you can already hear it below.

What Of Us are a thoughtful and chaotic band from New Jersey that deliver a heavy dose of dissonant and frenetic hardcore. These songs are an especially aggressive, distilled variant of the style that we’ve come to expect from them in their other bands like Capacities and The Saddest Landscape.

Hive Mind from IN are guaranteed to throw you at least one curveball on this record. At first they seem to be aiming for a furious, early Orchid approach, but the songs degenerate into a dissonant, disaffected mess. Heavy, disgusted, heartsick.

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