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“Humanity Against Disease” – 15 diverse bands team up for an eclectic new compilation

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With clear directive and good intentions, charity compilations have always been very close to the DIY community and it’s always a great pleasure to be a part of such projects. Today, we’re pleased to give you the first listen of the Humanity Against Disease Compilation, Volume One released in partnership with Smog Moon Recordings, an interesting, diverse set of exclusive songs from artists such as Dark Mtns (Petal, Ex Superheaven), Foxhole, No Way To Live, and Outside as well as contributions from Decline, Jake Clarke, Hellbound, Pack Sounds and more. Proceeds from this release benefit Humanity Against Disease, a nonprofit organization developed to improve the integration of science, medicine, and society to bring trustworthy health and wellness information to everyone and make well-being a part of the larger culture.

We accomplish this with fundraisers and community events to support research, outreach activities like the Podcast Against Disease, and an ongoing knowledge base online with the goal of putting books in print where there’s enough interest.


This compilation album represents the collective efforts of 15 diverse bands lending their art to an eclectic blend of music that we hope you’ll enjoy. Its organization is inspired by the balance of soft and hard espoused by the Taoist tradition that informed the meditative internal martial art of Tai Chi Chuan. Flowing from mellow yin energies to aggressive yang tracks, we hope it reminds you of the importance of gathering and exerting energy in rhythm during your daily life. This is a soundtrack to take you to new places and challenge you to become the best version of yourself, striving for a state of human flourishing that the ancient Greeks called Eudaimonia.

It represents a tiny piece of what humanity can produce when we work together, and we hope it will inspire you to make your mark on the world and help your fellow humans.

Podcast Against Disease hosted by Kavita Chapla MD and Cody Weston MD, PhD can be found on Spotify, Itunes, Stitcher, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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