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Hungarian avant-garde black metallers AURE comment on disturbing new video “Sulphur: The Bells of Grief”

AURE, an avant-garde black metal band from Hungary with members of several underground formations like Boru and Oaken, recently release their new single “Sulphur (The Bells of Grief)”, revealing the first taste of their debut EP called Veneficivm. Tracked in their own DIY studio, the new offering is scheduled for a yet-to-be-detailed release via Tortured Tree Productions, and today we’re pleased to give you the band’s special commentary about their mystic work and demonic new video above.

Aure’s experimental take on black metal is a well balance blend of dark jazz, ambient and filmscore influences, crafted with a surreal atmopshere that is both entrancing and terrifying.

“Sulphur and the whole Veneficivm EP is a reflection of moral questions and inner conflicts.”  – says the band. “It’s a meditation on melancholy, desolation and mental health issues. In the focus of the EP is “breathing” and struggling with anhelation through mental illness.”

The band’s main writer, G, continues: “When I was younger, back in the day, I always felt confused when seeing other people who love each other arguing and fighting mentally. That time I think I just couldn’t understand their behaviour, since they were together, love each other, means that they care of each other and they live for each other.

“I still cannot deal with this feeling as to why some people really love to hurt their loved ones and sometimes even themselves. I’ve seen so many individuals suffering in human affairs and relationships, being victims to their partner and to their friends or families.”


He continues: “I had to realize that there are people with a very strong charisma, and can overwhelm other people’s minds and feelings to their will. Those people with this kind of aura can manipulate or torture others emotionally. These kind of thoughts suddenly became a real dilemma when I met a person from my childhood three years ago. I had’t seen her for more than 15 years but her appearance was unexpected and had a huge impact on my daily life.

My thoughts were always around that person, I couldn’t feel myself whole, I had insomnia etc. I was completely under her spell, especially when this situation turned into a poisonous, secret affair. I can say that this twisted kind of relationship took so much from me and planted sorrow, anger and the sense of helplessness deep inside of me. I guess mental wounds won’t heal and disoluable situations will haunt humankind forever, and to be honest, it makes me sick and bitter…”


The last breath will be the foremost, deceased for the final hour, as the light goes out, and the lungs bleed toxin. And I am the one who will see the rise of the fallen.
The corruptor of justice and the spawns of boiling blood lurking in the hollow of loss. The oaths were broken, your empire is just the ashes of dust as the flames start to consume.
You who hear my sin, those who swallow the parts of the soul. When we gather our dreams, reality is apparent. Anguishing spirits to the seeds of shades.
Twisted contrasts spinned in the womb of funeral woe. I’m waiting for you there, where the fossils are crushed, where the blind leads the dead.
Misery…this great silence around us is our sacrifice in a temple without redemption. And the seraphs reap my flesh to give birth to the abomination.
Blessed are the wings of thy will, holy is the darkness that shines on the carved stone. I will ring the bells of grief.

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