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Hungarian hardcore act EXTERMINATING ANGEL bite hard with new EP – new video streaming

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Budapest, Hungary based EXTERMINATING ANGEL started as a 90s hardcore worship band with some d-beat influences and proper nods to the likes of anarcho punk, acts like Catharsis and the XXL era of hardcore. With the arrival of their current drummer, Dani, and now leaning towards more straight-forward approach to hardcore, they are back with new EP dubbed “Inherited Future”! Today, we’re stoked to give you their new music video for the song “Chasm Wrath”, along with some more details about their project and the band’s track by track commentary below.

“Chasm Wrath” features addditional vocals by László Alakszai. The video was recorded and edited by Dániel Kiszely.

Singer Benedek comments: “Inherited Future” points to our demons being carried on from previous generations, so in order to break bad patterns in our lives, we have to get to know our family history and find out what could be the link to our repeated failures. The experience is from me going to therapy and a book I was given on the subject, that made a lot of sense.”

The first song is called “Episode”, and it deals with the phenomena of bad communication between people who love each other, it pinpoints a state where you’re hurting, we have all been there I think. I wrote this to vent my frustration. There is a huge difference between how you can say things, carrying the same information in a more agreeable, considerate manner.

The second song is called ”Sanctuary” and it is an ode to all DIY places, where people gather and exchange culture, ideas, debate, and do music. It was inspired by a good experience performing at the club Kripta in Budapest.

Hungarian hardcore act EXTERMINATING ANGEL bite hard with new EP - new video streaming

The third song is called ”Chasm Wrath”, it is our „crew” song, and it’s also about how life is pain, but fortunately we have the ability to make it better. We’ve made ourselves a simple video for this one. It was shot in our rehearsal room and archive videos were also used in it. Some of them are random and some of them point out memories of the band members’ youth.

The fourth song is called ”Takhisis Rising”. Takhisis is the goddess of evil in the Dragonlance universe, it is a fantasy reference, it symbolizes the rise of darkness in our age. This song deals with how we sacrifice our life, fun, excitement, our character etc. on the altar of comfort, and how we must try to push against that. This song is supposed to be encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone every once in a while, because in the end we just become shells of ourselves if we don’t.

Hungarian hardcore act EXTERMINATING ANGEL bite hard with new EP - new video streaming

The 12″ EP is coming shortly via 9 Lies Records!

The band is heading for their European tour on the 27th with their friends in Escalate and Gear!



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