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Track by track: Slovakian melodic post-hardcore act LANDLESS unveil impressive, emotive and riveting EP

We don’t often promote uber-melodious and tech-infused post hardcore / metalcore acts, but these young fellas from Slovakian melodic post-hardcore quintet LANDLESS caught us looking back at some fine times for the subgenre, and records from bands like CLOSE YOUR EYES, NAPOLEON, AKISSFORJERSEY, A SKYLIT DRIVE, etc. The band has just debuted their ‘Moonflower’ EP on Famined Records and we have teamed up for a track by track feature to let you know what lays behind their tricky riffs and melodic aggression.

Don’t let all the noise and scramy post-hardcore vibes fool you, LANDLESS can sure write a damn good hook. The band delivered a lean and well-crafted offering that brandishes a technically proficient sword, a fine explosion of intricate riffs and searing breakdowns. These juxtapose, I think, really sweetly with the heartfelt urgency and soaring melodic injections.


Golden Days:

Sometimes we just wonder why life is so complicated. It shouldn’t be that way. Then you realize what it’s all about and all of a sudden you feel much better. You think about all fascinating stuff in the world and that we should not be wasting any more time – we‘ ve already lost enough.

Blooming Mind:

“Blooming Mind“ is about learning how to control your ego. Inspiration comes by living daily life. We often stop thinking about others and how they can help us in ways we cannot even think of. Only then you realize how great of a feeling it is to have people standing behind you.

Black Fire:

“Black Fire in our hearts makes fake illusions.“ Prejudice – that is the very dark essence of our minds. Evolution has made thinking automatic for us. There are things we should be cautious about e.g. fire, sharp objects or wild animals. Yes, fire can burn yourself and it’s dangerous but prejudices against people of different race, nation or religion can mess all of this, that’s the actual “Black Fire“.


“Connections“ is about supressing a lie, that our character or our bad habits can’t change. We are the creators of our own life and we can acheive anything we put our minds to. Our comfort zone and lack of self-motivation is our true enemy.

Calm Nights:

A lot of time we don’t realize how beautiful life is. We just take it for granted. Life in it‘s entirety, is a beautiful gift. You live just once and every day you have a new opportunity to try to be a better person. “Calm Nights“ is about believing that there are no borders. You can do whatever you want.


“Everglow“ is dedicated to our memories about the ones we loved that passed away too early. Thinking about how it would look like if they were still here with us hurts sometimes. But our memories keep our loved ones in our hearts forever.

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