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Indie-emo rocker Corbin Giroux (ex-RARITY) drops transcendent autumn album ‘Docile’

While known for his guitar work with the prominent post-hardcore band Rarity, Canadian singer-songwriter Corbin Giroux‘s brand new full-band album Docile flutters in the complete opposite direction. Giroux’s vocals lead listeners on a journey of autumnal realizations, the light guitar picking paints a peaceful backdrop like falling leaves. Drifting from tracks “Run” into the leading singles “Torn (feat. Jordan Black) and “Middle Earth”, Giroux accomplished the feat of keeping each song interesting without ruining the relaxing feeling displayed in each unique moment he creates.

Docile does indeed stay within the swirling light-blue rhythms of frequently-used indie-emo tones, but the full-backing band kicks up a bit of energy in tracks “Rope”, “Just Not Used To This”, and “Whole”. With its album art tying into the scenes from the two leading singles, Docile’s album art is representative of the little things that often go unnoticed. The green of the tree leaves, the birds in the sky, and your dog existing in perfect harmony as you read on a bench, are all warm invitations to accept Giroux’s offer. To accept Docile as an album just for you, just as you are in this moment.

“Along with his trusty acoustic guitar, Giroux’s poised, placid voice is backed by a full band, lush atmospheres and wistful harmonies all designed to wrap you up and make you feel safe. For fans of emo luminaries such as Owen, Dashboard Confessional, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and Moving Mountains, Corbin Giroux offers a musical rebirth that’s thoroughly crafted, tangibly self-assured and deeply inviting. ” – Adam Feibal (Exclaim!)

Indie-emo rocker Corbin Giroux (ex-RARITY) drops transcendent autumn album ‘Docile’
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