Introducing: Italian small town hardcore punks DEFINITE & Gorizia Hardcore booking

Italian punk/hardcore scene is still vibrant as fuck and in its locality offers a variety of undiscovered bands and promoters offering wild shows and quality records, far from the big cities. In the far north-east of the country, near the border with Slovenia, we find the local collective Gorizia Hardcore and hardcore band DEFINITE, who have recently released their new LP “Your Hell”. In conjuction with their tour in support of the record, we have teamed up with them for a brief interview to lear more about their work and get some insights on theit local scene of Gorizia.

Your first release is dated 2014. Tell us more about the history of the band, your discography and your next steps.

So, – in the same direction- (2014) is the first EP I recorded alone by CJ (double cube studio) to throw around some ideas. Then Michael (Iwanttobelieve records) published it on tape. Diego, guitar and vocals, joined me immediately and we recorded the second EP – It happens now- (2015). For a while we had on the drums Miguel (from Blame it on the ocean, Misery for a living and The Fears) and on bass Ketto (from Blame it on the ocean too) . After 2 splits (one with Crotes and one with Attempts and Not for rent in 2016) and some compilations, the new members have searched their way in other genres. The following year we found stable members in Zapata (Ivan!) on bass and Luca (Foolish Wives) on drums and we wrote our first LP – Your hell- which we recorded in the first few months of 2018 and released in June. Now we are on tour to promote it while we’re writing a new LP that will see the light after the summer.

What are the topics of your lyrics? Are you trying to carry some sort of message through your songs or you are more focused on the music?
In the beginning it was a straight edge solo project but then, when we became a band, we added some differents issues. I talk about veganism, human and animal rights; Diego prefers to carry on environmentalism and sustainability; Zapata comes from street punk and so he talks about what happens around.
But at the end a lyric about skate is imperative.
How was the process or creation, recording, releasing of your last album (Your Hell)? I see that it has some featuring with members of some other local bands and a full illustrated artwork.
As I said before, the LP was written after the line up change. Usually I throw around some ideas and then we work together.
In the album there are featuring with AL from Attempts, Karlo from Screaming Whores and Micheal from Misery for a living. In the song ‘in this place’ should have sung Samall from Slander, but due to some troubles he could not feature. He will sing in the new album. Tina and Matej from Pigs Parlament did the featuring instead.
The artwork has been done by Simone Arena, a cartoonist who is friend of us. Our idea was to make a cover inspired by ‘Life on the ropes’ of Sick of it all, but more skatecore.
What keeps the band motivated and inspired for the next releases/shows?

Taking our messages, our ideas and the scene forward.

Continued below…

GORIZIA hardcore

Tell us more about the Gorizia Hardcore scene. There seems to be a nice community growing for such a small town, the level of energy at the shows is high and the people seems to get really involved in it. How much commitment does it takes to keep this going and how you manage to balance your everyday life with the GOHC + Definite?

The commitment is total, to believe in a project and carry it on is part of your everyday life. When we started with GOxHC, we were just three bands without any venue. Pieffe Factory has closed down and we needed to do something. By now the crew has grown up but our dedication is still the same.

What other bands from Gorizia Hardcore would you recommend?

Six Pack, a NYHC band with Italian lyrics, Misery for a living, power violence and old school band with vocals and drums from Blame it on the Ocean, Liz Pegris, punk band which merge influences from Misfits and Nothington. Shortly there will be some new projects with members from GOxHC scene.

Anything else you want to say to close this chat?

Thanks for this interview and support your local scene!

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