Introducing: new Baltimore hardcore band OUT SICK!, plus bands from Baltimore and DC worth a check

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With roots watered by years of rich experience and diverse influences, despite its pedigree, OUT SICK! possesses a humble approach: a commitment to authentic music-making without the shackle of expectations.

“Coming out of the pandemic both me and Joe were itching to play music again after years of being dormant. We had no expectations other than to just have fun writing and playing music together.”

The story of the band’s formation is as serendipitous as it is poetic. Joe, a veteran of Magpie Cage who collaborated with the iconic J. Robbins and a past member of The Chase. Despite his prolific background, Joe had never played drums in a band before—a testament to the band’s experimental spirit.

Joe fhas had a notable career that includes production work for Regents, which boasts members from bands like Sleepytime Trio, Frodus, The Exploder, and Thursday, as well as for Trapped Under Ice, a band connected to other influential groups such as Turnstile and Angel Du$t, and whose split with Dirty Money led to the formation of High Vis. He’s also produced for King Nine, who achieved substantial iTunes sales, and played a songwriting role for Jarrod Alonge, whose album topped the Billboard comedy charts and temporarily displaced Weird Al Yankovic.

Paired with Joe was an equally flexible and open-minded musician. “I was primarily a bass player so we were both figuring things out as we went along,” says the unnamed interviewee, encapsulating the band’s ethos of adaptive evolution.

“There’s no pretense or expectations, and we’re just vibing,” shares Dan, describing the band’s grounded yet buoyant spirit.

Lindsey, the bassist, suggested their friend Kristin as the vocalist—someone Lindsey had previously worked with in Jail Solidarity. “After a few months of writing and practice we knew we were going to need a vocalist,” tells the initiator of the project.

“The last thing I did was fill in on bass for a tour. Around that time, I primarily recorded bands, which is where I initially worked with Kristin and Lindsey in their band, Jail Solidarity,” Joe reminisces on his dormant years and fateful reconnection.

“We have been playing and writing music for the better part of a year and only recently played our first show. We are super excited to show everyone what we have been working on.”

The lyrical content of their freshly released demo is still under wraps, but what’s certain is the excitement surrounding their live performances.

Baltimore has a really thriving hardcore scene right now. Lots of great newer bands are popping up right now as well.”

To further ignite your enthusiasm and pique your curiosity about emerging talent in punk, members of Out Sick! have divulged their personal picks for the most promising new hardcore bands hailing from Baltimore and DC.


“First and foremost, everyone in this band is a solid human and excellent at what they do- uncompromising grind. Kevin, who does vocals, brings a playful attitude that isn’t something you often get with this genre and every show they play the whole audience is hyped up. Contains members of Enemy Soil, Mind is Prison, and Drugs of Faith.”

Deliriant Nerve

“Grind from DC with a sick nod to death metal. Don’t ever miss your chance to see them live because their drummer is one of the best.”

Nø Man

“Emo-hardcore from Virginia consisting of all three former members of Majority Rule plus vocalist Maha whose powerful vocals are straight up hypnotizing. They have a new album coming out in 2024 we’re super stoked about.”


“This band redefines hardcore with punk and post-punk elements. It undulates in and out of frustration and aggression with both a roundness and angularness that feels so fresh.”


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