Italian post hardcore act TURN AGAINST release new EP; music video; discuss local scene

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Going into their 10th year of existence this year, the Comacchio, Italy based emotional, melodic post hardcore act TURN AGAINST are seeking to do something they haven’t done this season: gain more listeners and post back-to-back quality new music with proper content and some entertainment in the process. The band recently dropped a new music video for their song “Memori”, and today we’re pleased to give you some more insights about their latest EP of the same name, including their thoughts on their local scene and the current tough pandemic situation.

Turn Against was born in 2010, from Meo, Bucci and Valerio who were already playing together in another project, finding the missing components in Mariolo and Massi, neighbours of the village and they too coming from another now loose group.

We immediately realized what we wanted to do, although the influences of each of us were mixed, what came out immediately was a good compromise ago new and old school. During these years our sound has undergone some improvement due to our growth and why not even from the experience gained in these years. The future plans are to celebrate our first ten years of career in the best of mods, with all the people who followed us, helped and supported, perhaps in a location dear to us like the Spartacus of Ravenna, showing off another album, this would be a dream, but that’s what we would like to do, time is running out but we can do it!

“Memori” EP

TURN AGAINST by Enrique Oliver Photography
TURN AGAINST by Enrique Oliver Photography

On “Memori” there are 3 songs plus two instrumental improvisation interludes experimental enough to be inside a hardcore punk record. ”Memori ” refers to memories, which every day condition our choices and our actions! We have spent the last 4 years in a country house all to ourselves, where we have been able to put into practice every day what we have learned in these years of adventures up and down Italy.” Giustificazioni ” talks about a kind of desired solitude, an isolation to stay away from dynamics that do not belong to us, passing through the social workers on duty.”Quieto vivere” is very current, it refers to today’s political situation, where the security of an entire nation according to many representatives is conditioned by the presence of asylum seekers.

The ” Memori ” EP was recorded in April 2019 at Federico Viola’s Animal House studio in Ferrara, the instrumental parts in direct, apart from voices, choirs and second guitars. It came out in cd digipack format, although our dream would be to go out on vinyl, but the long waits blocked us once again. 4 independent labels dear to us have helped us in the press: Rumagna Sgroza, Radio Punk, True Belivers and Tuscia Clan, all people we know in person and who strive daily for the dissemination of hardcore punk.

Comacchio and Italian post hardcore scene

We are from Comacchio, a somewhat unfortunate municipality because it is far from every city, which has not allowed the real attachment to a city scene with obviously more potential. Although in our small way something has been seen by us, especially when we were still very young, or late 90 and early 2000.

Our luck was to fully experience the Voodoo club which led Comacchio to numerous groups from all over the world, an experience that unfortunately did not last long. Since there are no spaces, we always made arrangements, and apart from the voodoo experience, the rest of the hardcore punk concerts in our area at least in the last period have always been done by us and in totally diy situations, at home or in semi-secret parties.

The BFU CREW has been very present on the territory since 97, more marked on the American hc, which included the legendary DONT FORGETs, unfortunately now loose, they personally organized most of the hc concerts both at voodoo and in as many premises in the area until a few years ago. We will always be grateful to them for making us play in various evenings and for letting us know many other realities!

TURN AGAINST by Radio Punk
TURN AGAINST by Radio Punk

Not far from Comacchio there are 30 km Ravenna, and 50 km Ferrara.We are very close to both cities, it seems paradoxical, but hardcore punk has no enemies, we have been adopted equally by both. As for everything, ups and downs aside, both Ravenna and Ferrara, have seen epic concerts that will remain in history!

Other bands and artists worth a check

There would be a lot of bands that deserve to be listened to, here we can make a small list of the active groups with whom we may have shared the stage and which we particularly liked: My Own Voice from Milano, Bislers from Ferrara, First Brawl from Modena, Ira from Viterbo, Rough Touch from Ferrara, Actionmen from Ravenna, we stop here, but as we said before there would be many others.

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