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LA’s ROTTING OUT ends long hiatus with new release “Ronin” [REVIEW]

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After taking a few years off and one of the band members having a bit of an “unscheduled vacation”, ROTTING OUT is back! And they ain’t fucking around, neither.

They kick off this brand-new release, RONIN, with the opening track, VESSEL. Starting out with a brief fade-in before the band jumps right into high gear and begins their high-speed onslaught of old school hardcore riffage.

Shortly after, the first breakdown hits after a superb lead in of guitar and a slow drumbeat. This song hits hard and fast, giving you a taste of what’s to come. LAST MAN STANDING is next. One of my favorite songs on the record, this is a great anthem song to get you going. Great lyrics from vocalist, Walter Delgado, about a hard life in the concrete jungles of LA describing the tragedies and casualties of Big City life. A SICK OF IT ALL style bass line, along with a catchy ass, 2-chord riff are the main highlights of this track.

Up next is STONES. This Circle Pit extravaganza kicks off with Walter yelling “Cast Your Stones!” and Jorge Cabrera’s snare drum builds up to the whirlwind of chaos that soon breaks out. The chorus are no less sick as the verses. Then you get another killer breakdown to go apeshit to, as well. Perfect.

The next track is another soon-to-be Rotting Out classic called, REAPER. This song has everything. A great opening riff that throws you right back into circle pit land. Some cool bass lines get thrown in there during the verse, courtesy of Ben Ruiz, as well. This song has a great stomp part and one hell of a breakdown too.

The next song, PRISONER, is no less powerful than its predecessors. More old school circle pits out the ass.

Walter’s gritty but melodic screams hit the spot.

Then that slow guitar part comes and introduces you to what is possibly the sickest breakdown on this release. The contrast in guitars from Alfredo Pedrozo and Carlos Morales is very apparent on this track. This is one solid track.

Up next is UNFORGIVEN. You have solid verses and catchy choruses. Packed with gang vocals and some of Walter’s best vocal work to date, this track will not disappoint!

Expect nothing different from tracks like STILL HER and THIEF, which contains some of the best guitar playing I’ve heard in years.

Another gem is the next track, VISCERAL. Staying true to this album’s formula, they just get it right! More pounding drums and sick riffs is what you can expect from this song. They close out this record with the song, BOY. This is my favorite track on this release. It is just perfect.

The slowest and heaviest riff opens the record along with that slow drum part we all love. Walter’s vocals and lyrical ability come full circle on this song. The album closes with another sinister and slow guitar part over and over until the album fades out.

“Here I am roaming Alone!” chanted repeatedly during this fade out is like a fine wine if you are a true hardcore fan.

Overall, A fucking Plus! This album has everything and is well worth the wait. Hopefully, we can catch them out on tour again once the COVID outbreak clears up. Until then, but this record and place it on repeat play. You won’t be sorry.

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