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Old school raw Swedish grindcore attack! AXIS OF DESPAIR streaming new songs!

AXIS OF DESPAIR features former and present members of such bands as NASUM, COLDWORKER, INFANTICIDE, VOLTURYON, LIVET SOM INSATS, NERVGIFT, and OVERTORTURE, former COLDWORKER members Anders Jakobson (drums), Oskar Pålsson (bass) and Joel Fornbrant (vocals) in the end of 2013. The band has teamed up with MA grindcore/hardcore label Give Praise Records and Spela Snabbare Records to launch pre-orders for their new EP and offer it for free streaming! Be sure to check it out as it makes very few compromises and is a truly impressive addition to the genre’s dirty catalogue.

“Mankind Crawls” is being co-released by Spela Snabbare Records (black European version) and Give Praise Records (yellow US version).

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