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Kentucky melodic post hardcore act POLTERGUISE premiere new single “Sympathy Pains”

Kentucky post-hardcore rockers outfit POLTERGUISE have unveiled new single “Sympathy Pains”. The track tackles vices, in particular alcoholism, with Polterguise following up summer’s ‘Vantablack’ EP release with the beginning of their new chapter.

Originally formed as the solo project of David Gillespie, Polterguise emerged onto the scene in their current guise with the release of singles “Ectogasm” and “Ethereale” in 2019.

Comments David: “As with many songs I’ve written, Sympathy Pains a mirror held up to myself. It’s about reliance on vices, in my particular case, alcohol. It’s recalling all the good, as well as horrible times, I’ve had with drinking. As of the time of writing this, I’ve been sober a year now, so the track is me sort of speaking to my former self.

Realizing that my pursuit of a good time was actually me ruining my own life little by little. I was constantly fighting uphill, pursuing some kind of meaning, and finding that I had slid back down that hill everyday as a result of my own actions. So this track just goes over the feelings of anxiety, bad health, anger, and overall dislike of my former self as a result of unchecked vice.It is an angry song, but one that silently celebrates who I’ve fought to become.”

Touching on the ghost-hunting inspiration behind the group’s name (Poltergeist + disguise), both “Ectogasm” and “Ethereale” showcase an ambitious and progressive brand of post-hardcore, with the intertwining of glistening pop and tenacious breakdowns.

Having captured the attention of the newly formed Theoria Records, with just two singles in the book, Polterguise have teamed with Andrew Bayliss (Picturesque, VRSTY, Sleeping With Sirens) on new EP, ‘Vantablack’.

New single “Sympathy Pains” marks the beginning of Polterguise’s new collection, soaring melodies and deft, heavy progressions; engaging post-hardcore with Gillespie’s potent and unmissable lead vocal leading the charge.

Polterguise is: David Gillespie – Vocals, Cameron Covington – Drums, McCartney Scarbrough – Bass, Casey Darling – Guitar.

Kentucky melodic post hardcore act POLTERGUISE premiere new single “Sympathy Pains”
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