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KVELERTAK shares new short film “Morild’

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The renowned Norwegian band Kvelertak, known for blending punk, black metal, and classic rock, unveiled a unique cinematic experience titled “Morild.” This visual spectacle, seamlessly bridging the gap between a short film and an extended music video, is directed by Fredrik S. Hana. The band’s collaboration with Hana isn’t new; they previously worked together on music videos such as ‘Mjød‘ in 2010, ‘Månelyst’ in 2013, and ‘1985’ in 2016.

The “Morild” release coincided with the successful launch of their latest album “Endling,” which was made available to the public on September 8 through Rise Records/Petroleum Records. This debut was celebrated with two back-to-back sold-out shows in Oslo.

Guitarist Vidar Landa eloquently described “Morild” as a “continuous explosive journey of visual eye candy.”

He emphasized the distinctiveness of each frame, which reflects Hana’s signature dark and intense imagery, harmonizing perfectly with Kvelertak’s musical essence. This visual narrative encourages viewers to explore deep themes from their latest album, like the tension between humanity and nature, the influence of local folklore, and the inexorable decay of all known realities.

Kvelertak by Stian Andersen

Reflecting on the project, director Hana expressed his gratitude for the creative freedom the band granted him, pushing him to surpass his own boundaries.

The sheer dedication to “Morild” is evident, with over six months invested in its production, including intricate handmade details ranging from stop-motion animation to detailed miniature and practical effects. Hana hopes that Kvelertak’s dedicated fanbase will appreciate the passion and effort poured into this project.

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