Livid Records is no more

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Florida based DIY record label Livid Records has called it quits.

Livid was the home for these bands. Make sure to check’em out.


Heres the official statement:

I’ve been getting calls and e-mails about why I’m stopping Livid Records. Instead of repeating myself a million times I’ll just answer the most pertinent parts below.

I’m happy that the label has 20 releases under its belt, it’s far more than any local label that I can recall. The lack of support in local music has been extremely heart-breaking and financially devastating for me personally, I just can’t keep doing it.

Livid Records will cease to exist after the release of LIVID020- Bulletproof Tiger’s self-titled 7” in September. Distro will also cease shortly after that.

I’ve decided to end the Livid Records’ run by releasing Miami’s Bulletproof Tiger because it represents what this label has always been about- Friendship. I’ve known some of the guys in Bulletproof since I was 15. I feel ending this whole thing surrounded by friends is the appropriate way to go.

Thanks to all the bands I’ve worked with over the years- Daze, The Illustrated, Glocca Morra, The Crumbs, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, The Shrubs, Space Station 5, The Getback, Pool Party, Geoff Useless, End of Power, Lil Daggers, Furious Dudes, Zero Cool, Pine Tarts, Faulkner Detectives and Bulletproof Tiger.

Thanks to all the people that supported my adventure into the world known as independent music. Thanks to the journalists that covered our releases. Thanks to all the sound engineers that made our bands always sound awesome. Thanks to all the crazy bastards that attempt to release music to an audience that honestly takes all your hard work, money and soul for granted.

A final thanks to my wife Helena Garcia, who stuck by me the whole time, lent me money for releases & advertising, helped mail promos & orders and never discouraged me from doing what I loved.

I’ll end this piece by stealing a line from the last issue of Punk Planet and say- “After this, the fight is yours.”

-Chuck Livid

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