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LOMA PRIETA interviewed by PunkNews

In case you missed it, LOMA PRIETA recently talked to guys from


As recent signees to Deathwish Inc., you would think that Loma Prieta were actually a new, upcoming band. Rather, they’ve made their mark on and have been mainstays of the Bay Area hardcore scene for over half a decade. Delving further into Loma’s past, you’ll find that I.V. is actually their fourth full-length (imagine that) as well as their Deathwish debut. But don’t let the mystery of Loma Prieta fool you: featuring members of the bands you loved from first listen (Punch, Beau Navire, Us Haunted Bodies), they’ve released four 12-inch records and two 7-inch records overall, mostly on their own Discos Huelga label. To better understand the absolutely immaculate sound Loma Prieta possess, begin at “Trilogy 4” and listen as the suite descends into perfect chaos at “Trilogy 6.” This three-minute track is a perfect buildup to the remainder of a perfectly streamlined sound that completes the record, and I.V on the whole hits that mark that the band have strived for with their previous releases. Loma Prieta tracked the 12 intensely emotional songs that make up I.V. under the guidance of Comadre’s Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studio, taking from Converge, Ampere, Pg. 99 and others to create a beautifully unique combination of each and every one of their influences. Before embarking on a month-long run of European tour dates, Loma spoke with Punknews Copy Editor Amelia Cline to get a better understanding of who and what makes up the band.

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LOMA PRIETA – “Trilogy 4 – Momentary” video:

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