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MANLIFTINGBANNER – “Give Them Some More” video

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DIY anti-racist straight edge band MANLIFTINGBANNER were originally formed back in 1990. After a series of break ups and reunions, the band is back on their tracks, readying a brand new album featuring 13 new songs! Titled “Red Fury”, the effort was recorded at Amsterdam Recording Company and engineered by Igor Wouters. The LP comes with a big fold-out sleeve, poster and stickers. Order this power package NOW on black, white or red vinyl at Crucial Response Records!


Here’s the official word:

For a long time it was quiet around ManLiftingBanner. After their 1991 7“ release Myth of Freedom, which was followed by their Ten Inches That Shook The World 10“ a year later, there were only a handful of compilation tracks. The band members remained active in the Dutch hardcore scene though and continued to play in bands such as Seein’ Red, Mainstrike, DeadStoolPigeon and Birds Of A Feather.
In 2012 ManLiftingBanner returned with a bang: The Revolution Continues. The two records plus all of their compilation tracks got reissued by Crucial Response Records and were finally available on vinyl again. But ManLiftingBanner still had a lot to say in 2012. The Arab Spring was still blooming, the world financial crisis casted a dark shadow over everything and everybody, and as a result there were also eight new songs on The Revolution Continues which were breathing the spirit of the early 90s – both musically and lyrically showing once again why the band had such a deep impact on the European scene.
With Red Fury, their first real full length album recently released on Crucial Response Records, ManLiftingBanner prove that they stayed true to their principles until today. The topics of the songs haven’t changed much and why should they? After all there wasn’t much change in the last two decades. Humanity is still staggering from crisis to crisis and from conflict to conflict, global and local injustices are rather increasing than decreasing. Wether it’s injustice, exploitation, homophobia, fascism or racism – there are more than enough reasons to fight for political and social changes.
So the struggle continues on Red Fury, with thirteen new songs and with “Sister”, an old song in a new version. The guest vocals by Meral Polatstrengthens the already strong message here. Equality between women and men is a real matter of the heart for ManLiftingBanner. And rightly so!
The new songs come with the usual angry lyrics in clear words which don’t beat around the bush but come to the point – brutally honest and without any compromises. With Red Fury ManLiftingBanner emphasize their justified critical positions on todays world affairs: Twelve Inches That Shock The World Again! And all this sounds pissed off. Straight and aggressive Hardcore Punk with loads of speed, breaks and mid tempo parts plus some good hook lines and punkrock elements for a change. Compared to the older songs the new ones have a little more groove and even melody. The songwriting is more mature. But don’t panic. Each song is a slap in the face – both musically and lyrically.
The packaging is as great as always. The record comes with a massive foldout sleeve, poster, stickers and the vinyl either in red, white or black. In 1991 ManLiftingBanner have kindled the revolutionary fire and Red Fury shows that it’s still and maybe even stronger burning in 2014. A great record from an incredible band which didn’t lose one bit of its relevance.

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