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MARTYRDÖD Enters The Studio To Record New LP!

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Sweden’s d-beat crust purveyors, MARTYRDÖD, have once again entered the infamous Studio Fredman to record their fifth full-length, entitled “Elddop”. The follow-up to 2012’s “Paranoia LP will, as with its predecessor, be released via Southern Lord. Additional details on “Elddop” will be announced upon the completion of the recording sessions in the coming weeks.


Additionally, MARTYRDÖD has been invited to provide support for Converge’s recently announced European tour this August, also joined by Okkultokrati. Stand by for additional live and tour actions to be confirmed in the months ahead.

Made up of some of crust’s top combatants, including members of Acursed, Agrimonia, Miasmal, Skitsystem and others, MARTYRDÖD fuses black metal influences into their crust punk style. They create a sense of unfathomable darkness to staggering effect through their game-changing albums; the debut, In Extremis, and the aforementioned Paranoia, which saw them expand their sound with more dynamic leads, empowering dis-harmonies and tension-filled buildups than ever before. Through heavy touring and an unstoppable live show the band has amassed a diehard fanbase in the underground, which will only continue to expand through the upcoming release of Elddop.


“While most crust acts will be content to just be crust, the genre should look to Paranoia as a starting point for its lifeblood and future. 5/5″ – Terrorizer

“Fun, if not completely mind-blowing.” – Metal Hammer

“Thanks to its sheer unyielding brutality, Paranoia simply obliterates the competition.” – Record Collector

“Merciless and relentless in its unrelenting fury, Paranoia is a no-frills affair which heads right to the point of full-frontal assault without taking any prisoners. This one is satisfying and sadistic to the core.” – Zero Tolerance

“Brutal, blackened kängpunk destruction…” – BrooklynVegan

“If I had to isolate one aspect of the album that really puts it over the top, it would be the dynamics. While it’s not uncommon to see modern d-beat bands incorporate a wide array of musical influences from the metal end of the spectrum…” – Blow The Scene

“…full of sharp, incisive riffs just like the teeth of a large black wolf that with his bloodshot eyes, pierce deep within our skin… A serious contender for the title of best crust album of the year.” – Cvlt Nation

“Visceral, life-affirming and unrelentingly angry – Martyrdöd have managed to create an aural assault that is truly nasty – and I mean that as a sincere compliment. 9/10″ – This Is Not A Scene

“…Martyrdöd is some next level shit. Hurling thick, chunky rhythms along with a deft touch of melodic dissonance, Paranoia is an outstanding example of taking a genre and pushing it to the stretching point all the while still remaining true to its roots. 4.5/5″ – Mouth For War

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