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MARTYRDÖD – “Harmagedon” video

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The maiden single to be issued from List – the crushing sixth full-length album from Swedish d-beat crust outfit, MARTYRDÖD — has been made available as an official video for the track “Harmagedon” is premiered at BrooklynVegan magazine, availeble for watching below.

MARTYRDÖD is a central figure in the modern era of the international community of crust — in no small part due to their members’ links to other exemplary bands such as Skitsystem and Agrimonia — but over the years, their powerful allure has resonated in a whole host of intrigued listeners across the spectrum of heavy, enamored by their bleak outlook and scorching melodies. For fifteen years, the members of MARTYRDÖD have honed their craft to a level of mastery, and it shows — List is quite possibly the most refined record to slip in to their furious, spiky discography, and it doesn’t let up for a moment.
Coinciding with the release of the “Harmagedon” video, MARTYRDÖD collectively proclaims, “This song pays homage to all people that keeps on fighting against all odds. Against supreme annihilating oppression. It’s a song of these current times.”
Adds the video’s director Jimmy Johansson, “This is how I imagined what a MARTYRDÖD video would look like. Intense, chaotic, in your face but, yet beautiful and clear.”
BrooklynVegan calls the track, “truly a ripper. It starts out as some brutal, breakbeck-speed D-beat, but “‘Harmagedon’ quickly reminds you that MARTYRDÖD are no average crust punks. It breaks into a middle passage that’s slow and kinda beautiful, and eventually it brings in the kind of guitar solo you usually hear from NWOBHM and classic-thrash bands. It kinda deserves the word ‘epic.'”

On November 25th, Southern Lord will release MARTYRDÖD‘s List worldwide on CD and digital as well as on LP in North America only. In Europe, the LP is being handled via La Familia, and D-Takt and Råpunk. Preorders are now live at the Lord website HEREMARTYRDÖD is confirming live shows for 2017, including a set at the upcoming Netherlands Death Fest and Close-Up Båten cruise in March, with more widespread tour dates to be unleashed in the weeks ahead.

3/03-05/2016 Netherlands Death Fest – Tilburg, NL
3/30/2016 Close-Up Båten Cruise – FI/SE

MARTYRDÖD, return this November with their sixth full-length of endlessly fascinating, devastatingly different crust, List, once again through Southern Lord, as with 2012’s Paranoia and 2014’s Elddop. Their calling card of lamenting melodies churned out at breakneck pace has become more and more pronounced with each new record, and now on List, MARTYRDÖD has elevated to a new artistic highpoint. The combination of crisp Scandinavian metal distortion and intricate, folk-like guitar leads contribute to a record that feels like one for the ages — very much like the fearsome, In Extremis.

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