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Melodic grungy rockers PUMMELED share new single and video “Nachos”

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Following a five-year break, the Pittsburgh-based band Pummeled is back in action and making waves in the local music scene with their fresh single, “Nachos.” The new release is reminiscent of life in 90’s suburbia, echoing memories of young love, skateboarding, and casual hangouts by the convenience stores.

Nachos” embraces the sentimentality of that era while showcasing the band’s modern musical direction.

The accompanying music video complements the track’s themes, portraying a lively neighborhood coming together for an impromptu garage concert. It’s not just a throwback; it incorporates iconic 90’s elements ranging from Jnco Jeans and Curve Cologne to a cheeky nod to the movie “Say Anything.”

“The repeated lines “Hey, it’s never gonna be okay, but we want it this way” reflect upon the sometimes youthful recklessness of living in the moment and embracing the imperfections and uncertainties of life.” – says Ben Dietels.

“It’s an anthem for finding joy and meaning in the present, regardless of what the future may hold. Musically we wanted it to feel like something that could have slipped onto the Angus Soundtrack or an MTV’s Buzz Bin CD.

The video builds on the themes of the song itself, rallying an entire neighborhood to gather in front of a garage and enjoy a carefree, collective moment of fun.

We also sprinkled nods to some quintessential 90’s elements like Jnco Jeans, Curve Cologne, and the iconic Soap Shoes. I also couldn’t help myself and threw a little homage to Say Anything in there with the Nachos themselves!

Overall I think this track really represents the current musical direction we’re heading as a band.”

The reformation of Pummeled came about serendipitously. After their original bassist parted ways, remaining members, drummer Gregg Harrington and frontman Ben Dietels, found their new match in Bill Karachristos. As luck would have it, the trio clicked during a casual meet-up at Primanti Bros., marking the beginning of the band’s second chapter. It’s worth noting that fans of the recently covered Gloomer might recognize Karachristos, as he’s also their bassist.

Back in the day, Pummeled leaned heavily into the grunge aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the likes of Melvins and Helmet. Their current sound, however, is a blend of pop, rock, and grunge, with an added touch of power-pop. Even so, Harrington’s drumming style ensures the band retains a certain level of heaviness.

Their recent performance at the Government Center in Pittsburgh showcased the evolved Pummeled. Fans were treated not only to their powerful live performance but also to free CDs of “Nachos.” Alongside this, they’ve released other singles like “Poppie” and “Bouquets” over the summer, hinting at a potential album in the pipeline.

The strategy of rolling out multiple singles leading up to an album has resonated well with the band members. As Dietels amusingly puts it, it’s like celebrating multiple Christmases throughout the year.

In essence, with their catchy riffs, reflective lyrics, and a dash of 90’s nostalgia, Pummeled is shaping up to be one of the must-watch bands in the Pittsburgh music scene.

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