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Modern post punks TALLEEN comment on new vital EP – listen!

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Canada’s TALLEEN is an independent neo post-punk five-piece from Montreal, whose music embodies elements of krautrock and dark wave. Their debut LP “The Black Sea,” released in 2018, laboured over the soil of a land in pain and suffering, implying that the human condition is, alas, caught up in a world none of us will ever truly understand. The latest single, “Economics,” a hard-hitting post-punk commentary on capitalism, is sure to please a wide range of listeners with its catchy and genre-bending accessibility. The track comes from the band’s highly anticipated self-titled EP, available now on Goodwill Records, streaming below!

It’s with this impressive and unparalleled first musical effort that Talleen came to share the stage with several world-renowned bands right out of the gates (IDLES, INVSN, Viagra Boys, Temples, Art d’Ecco and Solids to only name a few), and make a lasting impression, not only on the local scene, but also on an international level. This outpouring of positive response is the reason behind Talleen’s upcoming European tour in the spring of 2022.

Dionysus and Apollo are locked in a Greek fist fight and the winner gets Talleen, outside itself like a hologram. Every song staggers under the broadness of its own weight, rooted like loose stepping stones. The floor is lava.

Photo by Anne Marzeliere

Comments the band: “Recorded and mixed through the pandemic, this EP is a good representation of what the band is all about, at times encompassing our influences, musically and lyrically. It’s about death, politics, regrets. Most of all it’s personal. We tried to make it dynamic, staying true to ourselves. One of our goals was to capture the live energy of our shows. We didn’t want to overthink things.”

Asked about each and every song from the EP, TALLEEN explained it track by track:

“”No Return” reveries. Apocalyptic. American war crimes, big network news propaganda. History on the move. Once it was Rome, before that it was Babylon. But this time the difference is radioactive. Destruction, destruction. The same old song, the same old dance.

There is “No Panaceum” on this green jungle expedition; a demilitarized zone where you run into healers who’ve lost their touch on how to get people healed. It’s driving Ladas through Colombia, recalling the secret love of your life who wore a blue dress when they set her down into a dirt grave, bleak and incredibly beautiful.”

Photo by Anne Marzeliere

“Corrupted demagogues have reached into bygone days, resuscitating “Lazarus” for the purpose and the promise of industry at a time of total financialization. Everybody goes wild. It won’t happen.”

“The debt’s too high, the housing too scarce, the markets are too vicious. Class war has erupted and in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York the nobles up there in high rise towers are doing cocaine… Great God of making money for the very few on the backs of the very many and then calling it “Economics” as if it was just some normal thing that we did. It gets people killed. Jackals.”

TALLEEN are about to start work on new material this fall, so please make sure you follow them on Bandcamp and stay updated!

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