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Bangkok’s passionate post hardcore rockers SPRING.FALL.SEA premiere new angelic EP

SPRING FALL SEA by Muhammad Erwanda
As predicted, the newest EP offering from Bangkok, Thailand’s SPRING.FALL.SEA have delivered an encouraging set of tracks that push the envelope and explore new territories between spacy, ambient tinged alr rock and melodic post hardcore. “The Seedless Fruit” serves as a fine starting point for future adventures in this sonic niche and specialises in huge, epic build ups, atmospheric sounds with transcending glimmers of light. It sounds great and promises even more mature and unseeking artistic statements in the future. Listen below.

Photo by Muhammad Erwanda

The band offered the following about their project:

We have formed this band in 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand and have toured in Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Japan, China, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina and (obviously) Thailand since!

We have released two previous EPs to ‘The Seedless Fruit’, which were listed in the local charts and Billboard’s “(un)detected” series. Even though we have a strong DIY ethos in all our artistic activities, Spring.Fall.Sea has been part of commercial events and festivals in & outside of Thailand.

And added more regarding the new EP:

In March 2017 we recorded ‘The Seedless Fruit’ at Karma Sound Studios, a modern studio complex run by Chris Craker – former vice-president of Sony Music.

Placebo, Jamiroquai, Bullet for my Valentine, The Libertines and Enter Shikari are just a few of the renowned acts in the studio’s CV. Shane Edwards engineered “The Seedless Fruit” – the producer worked with Hans Zimmer’s “Interstellar” soundtrack and bands like Northland or Thy Art Is Murder before.

We are extremely proud of what we have created and we will spend the rest of this year touring & promoting our release. From June to August we are touring in the US, in mid August we are flying from New York to London to spend a few weeks in the UK, before we continue touring in mainland Europe from September to November.

‘The Seedless Fruit’ offers energetic, dynamic, rhythmic rock music with thoughtful lyrics. Being inspired by all sorts of genres, from metal, punk & hardcore, over atmospheric post-sounds to minimalistic electronic music, Spring.Fall.Sea presents a modern and unique sound.

Since originality is important to us, it seems hard to compare our sound to established acts and give a “FFO”-statement. Some of our favourite bands are System of a Down, Refused, Explosions in the Sky, Bring Me The Horizon and Angels & Airwaves.

We have been musicians since we were kids, we have played in many bands over the years and we love playing our instruments more than anything.

But what fascinated me about music & musicianship the most since day one was songwriting. Creating something that can mean something completely different to everyone, depending on who is listening, but at the same time can be so deeply understood and so meaningful is really what makes music a form or art. With ‘The Seedless Fruit’ we have challenged ourselves as songwriters and tried to make a connection with ourselves. We created stories and songs that mean a lot to us and we hope that you can make a connection too.

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