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MUGSHOT unleashes the fury on new EP “Cold Will” – new songs streaming, loads of tour dates coming up

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In the dimly lit underbelly of the West Coast’s music scene, where blistering riffs and fervent discontent fuse into a seething symphony, there exists a trio that dares to defy the status quo. MUGSHOT, a name that lingers in the air like an unsettling whisper, has declared their sonic war against the sociopolitical chaos that plagues our land. Brace yourselves, for they are poised to drop their latest EP, “Cold Will,” like a sonic atom bomb on November 3rd, under the banner of Pure Noise Records.

Prepare for a five-track, neck-snapping record that doesn’t just invite you to listen but demands your undivided attention.

Cold Will” is crafted by the pains of life: Abuse, depression, manipulation, trauma, and other existential themes that present themselves as the rudder that directionally steers this record’s “ship.”

MUGSHOT by Thad Sisneros
MUGSHOT by Thad Sisneros

MUGSHOT’s mission statement for this EP is nothing short of a clarion call to action, a defiant outcry against a world drowning in turmoil. These thematic undercurrents flow through the tapestry of “Cold Will,” weaving an uncompromising narrative where lyrical battles are waged with dissonant riffs and frenetic drum patterns. This is a hardcore-inspired metal record that refuses to play by the rules, opting instead to fling the listener into a mental maelstrom of daunting thoughts and unrestrained aggression. It’s a definitive statement, a blazing war cry that pierces the darkness.

This record serves as the callout to any abusive person that has manipulatively used their power or title to take advantage of another.

Herein lies the band’s manifesto. “Cold Will” is a testament to the survivors, the voices stifled by the cacophony of life’s distortions. MUGSHOT takes on the responsibility of amplifying these voices, of bringing awareness to the darkness that seeks to engulf us all.

But what’s a war cry without the ammunition of sound? “Cold Will” offers a relentless barrage of chaotically heavy riffs, abrupt tempo changes, and pure, unbridled anger. Each track is a sonic assault, a battle cry against the oppressors, a tribute to those whose voices were silenced by the very system they dared to challenge.

“Life’s Debt” is a commentary on the American economic and justice systems. The cycles of abuse, manipulation, and general lack of humanity that the puppeteers of these systems have bolstered to justify their agendas has ruined us all.


With their latest single, “Life’s Debt,” MUGSHOT paints a scathing portrait of the American economic and justice systems. The lyrics are a brutal dissection of the abuse, manipulation, and dehumanization perpetrated by those who manipulate these systems to serve their own insidious agendas. It’s a wake-up call, a stark reminder that we, the people, are mere pawns in a game of corporate greed.

This song serves as a wake-up call to us, the people who are coerced and forced to exist within these broken systems that continuously cater to entities that uphold gentrification, systematic racism, and nationalistic campaigns.

As the relentless rhythms and bone-crushing riffs of “Life’s Debt” wash over you, it’s impossible not to feel the weight of this indictment. The song’s message is a rallying cry for change, a call to action against the forces that perpetuate gentrification, systemic racism, and divisive nationalism.

In the coming months, MUGSHOT will bring their visceral brand of metalcore to audiences far and wide. Catch them live this summer and fall as they tour alongside NO BRAGGING RIGHTS (USA) and THE AMITY AFFLICTION (Europe), delivering their message with the unapologetic intensity that has become their trademark.

“Because if their pockets are running low, you already know ours are empty. And if they’re hungry, then we’re the ones who starve.”


US tour dates:


8/24 Salt Lake City, UT @ Black Lung Society
8/25 Modesto, CA @ 18Seventy Brewing
8/26 Fresno, CA @ Fulton 55
8/28 Bakersfield, CA @ 1933
8/29 Yuma, AZ @ Red Moon Ale House
8/31 Mesa, AZ @ Nile Underground
9/1 El Paso, TX @ Rockhouse
9/2 Lubbock, TX @ Jake’s Sport Cafe
9/3 Tulsa, OK @ Mass Movement Community Arts
9/5 Knoxville, TN @ Remedy Coffee
9/6 Lexington, KY @ Girlsgirlsgirls
9/8 Mansfield, OH @ The Electric Company
9/9 Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant St
9/10 Atlantic City, NJ @ Anchor Rock Club
9/11 Greenville, SC @ The Radio Room
9/12 Orlando, FL @ Conduit
9/13 Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda
9/14 Tampa, FL @ Crowbar
9/15 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
9/16 Birmingham, AL @ LCY Media
9/17 Nashville, TN @ The End



Dec 1 – Stuttgart, DE – LKA
Dec 2 – Saarbrucken, DE – Garage
Dec 3 – Oberhausen, DE – Turbinehalle
Dec 5 – London, UK – O2 Forum Kentish Town
Dec 6 – Nottingham, UK – Rock City
Dec 7 – Leeds, UK – Beckett Students Union
Dec 8 – Cardiff, UK – Y Plas
Dec 9 – Amsterdam, NL – Melkweg
Dec 11 – Hamburg, DE – Markthalle
Dec 12 – Berlin, DE – Metropol
Dec 13 – Munich, DE – Tonhalle
Dec 14 – Vienna, AT – Arena
Dec 15 – Dresden, DE – Alter Schlachthof
Dec 17 – Frankfurt, DE – Batschkapp
Dec 18 – Zurich, CH – Komplete

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