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Oslo hardcore punks NAGA SIREN premiere new track from upcoming impassioned debut EP!

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Almost 3 weeks before its official release on May 24th 24, we’ve got an exclusive premiere stream of “This Dark Lake”, the debut EP from Norwegian highly energetic hardcore punk band NAGA SIREN! The record delivers a riveting performance that owns nearly every moment of these 4 tracks and there’s no shortage of entertainment to be found here. Despite its darker content, the sonic part of this impressive debut leaves you energized. Listen to the first track Pillar/Torrent and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

“This Dark Lake” was recorded in Cantus Studio, Oslo, mixed by Andreas Westhagen (Carnival Kids) and mastered by Chris Sansom (Propeller studios).

Band photo by Ole Nymoen.

NAGA SIREN’s mainman Emil Solbakken commented on the concept of the record:

“This Dark Lake” is the title of a period in my life. Sometimes in life you just feel stuck and you dont know what your doing wrong. It feels like swimming and swimming and never getting to the shore. The EP in short terms talks about being depressed (this dark lake), feel like you are not doing anything with your life and not getting anywhere (I will not sink), the fear of dying without belief and the wish of sometimes just dissappearing from the face of the earth (As i Lay here)

It has a little light though, “pillar/torrent”

The title signifies the only thing in my life who´s not a variable insecurity, a person. My “pillar” is the person who keeps my feet planted on the ground when I´m about to explode, and is also probably the only reason i haven´t lost my mind yet. But as you know, the persons who mean the most to you and care the most can be the most annoying pieces of s*** too, hence the other part of the title “Torrent – a sudden large or too large amount, especially one that seems to be uncontrolled”

I just think it´s fucked up the mentality we teach young ones these days. You have to choose your career before you even know what the world looks like, and for people like me who still dont know what i want to do at 25 i just feel like I´m being sent around in a spiral.

Asked about the wider story about NAGA SIREN, Emil offered the following:

NAGA SIREN was formed in late 2016. Emil Solbakken Vocalist,guitar & songwriter and Jompi Myren (Drummer) had met several time that year doing shows together with their other bands. We decided we wanted to start a new project with people we didnt know well and just see what happened. So after 1-2 rehearsals we had 4 songs locked in and we really felt we could do something cool with this. It felt catchy and not too scandi-hardcore-makes you tired in your ears, haha. We then decided to ask Tarjei who usually does guitar+vocal in a band called Oberst to join us on the bass. Oliver, guitar, was also asked, even though i had never seen him play guitar i knew he was a nice guy and i wanted the band to be made out of genuine positive energy, not just good musicians.

It was really fun to play with people I barely knew, who would later turn out to be really good friends.
As soon as we felt we had found our “style/genre” we immediately booked the studio and decided to go with a digital-release EP, since every member already performs in 1-2 other bands we didnt have the funds to pay for another set of LP´s, merch etc. etc..

We´re hoping someone gonna pick this up, and maybe get some support when we record our full-length later this year.




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